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Partylicious Eyes: Makeup Look. I fell in love with the MAC APartylicious Pigment from the Alice + Olivia Collection that was launched by MAC earlier this month. Fashion-forward designer, Stacey Bendet, is known for her playful, yet sophisticated, clothing and this summer she has teamed up with MAC to create a limited edition product line for alice + olivia! Alice + Olivia’s Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss ($18) is the only product left. It comes in this bold “I.Want.Candy” yellow. It comes in this bold “I.Want.Candy” yellow. If you’d prefer a more traditional pink, Sparkalicious (above left) is a pretty, pale one.

The brand-new Mac pc Alive + Olivia Collection greets you afterwards this week (July 8tl) with an range of radiant, feisty shades for lips, eyes, and nails. For the Alice + Olivia Selection MAC proceeded to go with some rocking colors that are playful, fun, and a little bit rock and roll and move.

I acknowledge it's not my preferred MAC Selection to day but some of the colors may appeal as I found at minimum one or two items to adore. The pigments be made up of Afterwards (Black with Violet Pearl), If It Sparkles (White colored with Pink Pearl), and my private fav, Partylicious (Turquoise with Magic Pearl). Partylicious certainly taken my feel like rather quickly as I don't personal a individual shade like it in pigment form.

The bright teal will end up being perfect for a enticing Summer eyes appearance. If It Sparkles should get the attention of those who pay closer details to their highbrow area s this will be an fantastic highlighter. Afterwards is definitely the minimum eventful for me and probably will function as a liner and thát's abóut it. The DazzIeglass Cremes in thé selection are all really, quite fun neon tones of color that should tickIe those who appreciate a little bit of exciting glimmer and boldness on their lip area. Sparklicious is usually the nearly all wearable of three and makes a excellent topcoat for lipsticks or discolorations with its rich and creamy pale red whitened shimmer. If It'h Pink is definitely wearable tone of neon pink. It can be applied subtly and can become constructed up in intensity for extra take.

I Need Candy is a shiny hot neon orange. This tone was for the nearly all difficult to use out of thé three but applies quietly on bare lips but a bit more radiant on best of lipsticks or stains And finally the nail polishes should garner the nail lovers interest especially Morning hours After which is a creamy turquoise. So Rich So Pretty is certainly a vivid color of blue with pearl and Military is certainly a matte dark with sterling silver metallic suede pearl.

AIl in all l get a punk vibe from the selection. If you're also a fan of A + U this will bring about a specific location on your desire list however if you arén't, yóu might caution to neglect as nothing of the tones seem especially eventful or must possess to me and with therefore many other collections arriving out that do appeal, I sense like you can save your cash for something else. I imagine it's debatable though since this is how I'michael viewing the selection.

Nevertheless, some of you may find some true jewels in the launch as the colours are all extremely feisty and enjoyment. MAC Alice + Olivia produces July 8th online and at counters. Anything in it for you? Yóu may also appreciate. About the Muse Isabella is certainly just an average everyday geeky woman who doesn't blend her eyeshadow properly, wears as well very much blush, and desires she never ever discovers her holy grail items because she likes the thrill of the chase so significantly.

Her mission will be to provide you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, scent and all stuff elegance. She't in no method an expert on the topic and she suré as heIl isn't á super model. But she'h passionate about makeup and is usually searching for like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and types that appreciate spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling customer's remorse. If you're also that person feel free to achieve out and keep a opinion or follow me on, and ‘.

By on Come july 1st 6, 2010 in, If Alice fell down the rabbit gap and fulfilled a Make-up Artist instead of the Mad Hatter, Macintosh alice + olivia is the curiously gorgeous collection she'd end up being rocking! Cool, playful, unpretentious and unabashedly enjoyment, MAC is certainly pleased to mention the most recent cooperation with the most adorably fabulous fashionista we know, designer Stacey Bendet óf cult-fave range, alice + olivia. Celebrities, socials and all-around cool young ladies from coastline to coast are addicted with a + o'beds uptown-meets-downtown aesthetic and colorful, playful vibe, so the motivation for the makeup collection had been a cinch! Fun, playful and hip all arrive to mind when I think of Mac pc and their consistently inventive series therefore téaming up with Stacey Béndet of alice + oIivia appears like a perfect fit. When questioned why she grew to become included in a make-up collection Bendet said, “Well, to mé it's aIl about color, whether it's a crazy pair of striped beIl-bottoms or thé perfect blue nail shine. It'h about a woman having a excellent time when she dresses up; and who dresses up without make-up?”Ah, a woman after my personal center.

The reality that she appreciates a great purple polish instantly endears her to me. Including a teal in her selection is topping on the cake. Method and Application: Macintosh polishes are usually free of charge of thé Big 3 and Formaldehyde Resin. The brush is firm and brief and the cap is rubberized offering a durable grip.I have to confess that when I had been applying Morning hours. After I seemed like Mia Michaels talking to Alex Wong last week on. I was all, “Who Are usually you?” Significantly this polish appIies like a desire and is definitely so simple to manage.

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It't not really that Mac pc polishes possess sucked lately or anything but I think I arranged myself up for letdown with their crémes because of théir previous history of getting streak fests. My Macintosh mantra provides always long been that they do glitters darks most effective so I had been happy to be proven incorrect.

Now if they could obtain a use on the coloring their polishes would become the complete deal. All three of these required three clothes. After is definitely a strong ocean blue-green that certainly has plenty of natural in its base to rank it in the teal family. I understand MAC explains it as á turquoisé but it appears too dark for that. Thé polish dries tó a higher gloss shine and even though I've ended up wearing this tone since Sunday it's still super bright with quite little suggestion put on. After the almost all original polish on the stop? Zero, but it doesn't possess any real dupes in my collection.

There are usually some particular close phone calls in China and taiwan Glaze Shower Jointly and Barielle A Bridal bouquet For Ava. You could most likely skip out on the Macintosh if you have the Barielle but Shower Together will be quite a bit lighter. In reality ST appears like a brighter version of ABfA. Based on promo pics I was anticipating So Rich So Pretty to end up being a real purple shimmer. Another in the lengthy collection of purples that possess come out this season (Funkey Dunkey, Grape Place, etc.) but it's so not really that.


Instead it's á punched up réd-violet, like magenta and violet acquired a infant. The shimmér in this oné can be tonal so you don't get flashes of any additional colors. Simply pure color. I desire my camcorder could have got captured the glassy finish off on this one. Also dry it looks dripping damp. Military is definitely the blackened sis of last winter's from the Riveting collection. They are both glittery mattes that dried out to a crépe paper-esque finish.

You know I adore mattes for their quick dry time but I choose the shimmery/glittery shades like this 1 as opposed to smooth wall color. The only factor that put me off was the software. Usually mattes show every imperfection and actually though Military used a bit lumpy and rough it dried out easy and even. I understand Studded is definitely completely different but I thought displaying them sidé-by-side wouId end up being helpful. I furthermore discovered a relatively close suit in Nubár Midnight Matté. Midnight Matte provides a great deal even more glitter in its base so it dries a bit lighter but you really only need one of these. Bottom part Series: Are usually any of these important to existence as a polish fanatic?

Not in my viewpoint. Though I discover teal as becoming the next big issue this Fall after a Turquoise-drenched Summer season so if you're at all into styles, it wouldn't harm to pick Morning hours.After up if your spending budget allows. Macintosh packaging collectors (increases hands) will appreciate the a+o themed boxes. The Mac pc alice + olivia collection is accessible right now at and is definitely established to hit MAC counters nationwide on July 8tl. Macintosh Nail Lacquers retail for $12/ea for a.34oz . bottle. What do you think of the colour choices?

Do you believe they're a great suit for the alice + olivia brand name? Are usually you a product packaging collector like me?

What products from the collection are you planning to pick up? Do you have any dupe suggestions for Morning hours. After or So Full So Quite?

Disclosure: Item samples were furnished to me by MAC. For more info view my.

I think I read through on Temptalia.cóm that there wiIl end up being polishes in the Villains selection so yay for that! I think there are some great ones coming out in another developer cooperation this fall and of course there's the Nail Trend '10 selection with Jin Shortly to look forwards to. I have got a number of moving organizers for my make-up and attractiveness items and one of the drawers is devoted to my treasured packaging.

A waste materials of room to many individuals but I love hanging on to that stuff. I keep thinking I'll do something with thém like a collage. HI Michele: Hope you loved your holiday weekend break!

This selection is incredible, appreciate the colours and pretty colors. Your nails look extra beautiful and wonderful, if that is definitely even possible. Adore the remarks your beautiful fans make that's another reason, besides becoming a nail shine fanatic that I try out and go to here so often. Sadly, the only Mac pc Alice Olivia left is Military, the additional two wonderful and amazing shades MAC “Morning After” and “So Full So Pretty are usually sold out! I am dissapointed but like Military!

So, MAC Army with it'beds Matte is usually for me ánd I will wait for the additional two when they come accessible. Isn't So High So Quite gorgeous searching of the thrée?, LOL Naméste, Mc Huggs. Ok, I caved and bought ‘Therefore rich therefore fairly' on ebay, as it has been sold out there everywhere within driving length and I acquired to possess it. Paid an extra $8, but I'm in like with the colour, so it had been worth it to me. Anyhow, I thought I'd provide up a little assist for those searching for a dupé for it, sincé therefore many possess mentioned it. I proceeded to go through aIl my polishes, ánd while I don't have an precise copy in my selection of 200+, I discovered a few that are quite darn close: Someone talked about CG ‘Cowgirl Up', which has too much crimson but the finishes are identical. Nubar't ‘Pasadena Crimson' is fairly close, but can be a tinge bluer and a tresses brighter.

I just finished up the acoustic guitar earlier today. We also bought some pedals and a few other things. Adam recorded the notes from a fender and I edited them to fit the guitar model. Beat maker free.

Surprisingly the closest dupe I discovered in my put was Milani't ‘Wild Violet', which is just a little bit lighter. Wish this fulfills the yearning for some.

Alice Olivia Macey Wine

I'm sure Michelle could come up with some better reviews, but thought I'd chimé in with my 2 cents! So I went to Ulta nowadays, and completely by accident found out maybe-dupes for Morning.After and Army. Of training course, I'meters in the market for a So Rich So Pretty dupé, but l'd believed I'd talk about my findings with ya'll.

Morning.After - Color and Peel off Sula in Glowing blue. (It was in a measurement bin proclaimed straight down from $10 to $5.) Military - Piggy Polish in Midsummer Midnights I thought I would adore the Midsummer Midnights shine, as I'meters ALWAYS looking for my fresh favorite silver precious metal or pewter, but I'meters not liking the matte ón me at aIl.

I like bright items, what can I state?