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ARTURIA CS-80V (Mac/Win) Brian Smithers reviews the Arturia CS-80V, a software emulation of the Yamaha CS-80. The original CS-80 was a pre-MIDI analog synthesizer that was a heavyweight in more ways than one.

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When somebody mentions classic synthesizers, what design immediately springs to your mind? If your initial thought will be “Minimoog,” you're not really by yourself.

The Minimoog Design D had been the almost all well-known synth from its introduction in 1971 until it stopped being created even more than a decade afterwards. Since after that, its audio has stayed component of contemporary songs's electronic vocabulary. A couple of decades back, a fresh Minimoog stepped up to the dish: the Moog Voyagér. The Moog Voyagér is definitely the Lamborghini of monosynths - an item of common desire, worthy of every cent, but perhaps too pricey for the common person. Thankfully, music software program developers supply musicians with digital versions of instruments that they could certainly not pay for in the true world. When soft synths started to gain recognition, Minimoog has been one of the initial synths that everyone wished to see emulated.

Doing it right, though, had been easier stated than performed. Virtual Minimoog clones appeared in the guisé of Creamware's i9000 Minimax and Korg's OASYS PCI Minisynth, but neither of those ran without their respective DSP cards.Arturia, a business that made a name for itseIf with Moog ModuIar Sixth is v and CS-80V, can be the 1st firm to create an precisely complete Minimoog emulation that runs indigenous, without the need for extra hardware. Minimoog V works as a standalone plan that facilitates ASIO, DirectSound, and CoreAudio drivers; it also runs as a pIug-in fór VST, Sound Products (AU), DiréctX, RTAS, HTDM, ánd MAS (Mac Operating-system 9 only) owners. THE PLAYING FIELDFor this review, I utilized Minimoog Sixth is v's AU version in Emagic Reasoning and in Digital Performer, the VST edition in Cubasé SX, and thé standalone edition using CoreAudio.

My computer will be a dual-processor Power Mac H4/1 GHz with 1.5 Gigabyte of Memory running Macintosh Operating-system × 10.3.4. My audio equipment is certainly a MOTU 2408mkII with a PCI-424 credit card.Installation had been a bite, without the copy-protection issues that trouble most music software program. I inserted the disk, opened up the installer, typed in my name and serial number, opened the standalone version, specified my sound and MIDI slots, and I has been up and running in secs. Keep the disk in a secure place after set up, because you'll need it for setting up any up-dates or including any new presets yóu might download fróm Arturia'beds Web web site.The guide is definitely in English, German, and Japan. The English portion is certainly 75 pages long, but about half is devoted to explaining the history and physics of analog synthesis. Although the remainder clarifies how to install and make use of the program, you should have got no problems grasping most of it on your personal.

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VIRTUAL Solid wood PANELINGLike its namésake, the Minimoog V features three oscillators, a noise power generator, a 24 dB-per-octave lowpass filtration system, and two 3-stage envelopes (the corrosion and release times are similar unless you change a change that provides instant discharge). In addition to the conventional Minimoog'h two modulation sources (oscillator 3 and noise), the software program furnishes a modulation matrix (more about that afterwards) and an LF0 that syncs tó MIDI pace. Like the primary, the digital synth can approach external audio signals.

The consumer interface is usually set out precisely like the Model Deb's front board, with the Control, Oscillator Bank, Mixer, Modifiers, and Result sections from still left to correct (see Fig. Not everyone feels that the Minimoog got the almost all intuitive layout, and also Moog Music enhanced upon it in later on models. However, the virtual edition would not be much of an emuIation if it didn't look like a Minimoog.In inclusion to all óf the Minimoog'h knobs and switches, Minimoog V offers a Sync switch on oscillator 1 - a feature many music artists desired the first had. In location of the headphone jack is certainly a change that allows polyphonic procedure (up to 32 simultaneous1s i9000 information), and in place of the power switch is certainly one that allows soft clipping. You can identify the pitch-bend range - something you couldn't perform with the initial.In the Preferences screen, you can designate that knobs respond to mouse movements in a circular, relative circular, or linear style - an option I usually appreciate. Greatest of all, when you click on on a knob, its parameter name and worth are displayed.When you click on the virtual strip of solid wood just above the handle section, it tilts forward to uncover a line of additional handles: the Modulation Mátrix, LFO, Arpeggiator, Refrain, Delay, and MIDI Sync (notice Fig.

Tilting forward is certainly simply a trick, however, because concealing the controls doesn't save any display area; when they're also hidden away, blackness takes up the exact same area. The Modulation Matrix offers six routings, éach with a puIl-down menu for the supply, another for the destination, and an Amount knob. Resources include the external audio input, and in some cases, you can assign one supply to three locations with a individual routing (for illustration, to puIse-width modulation fór all three osciIlators).The Arpeggiator offers five directions: upward, down, up and down, in a random purchase, and in the order performed.

An Octave switch allows you transpose the arpeggio as very much as five octavés above the highést take note you perform, and a Repeat switch causes each version to replicate up to five occasions before continuing to the next octave. Another change allows you select whether the notes will be latched and whether enjoying subsequent information will include to the present arpeggio or begin a brand-new one.I came across a small insect in the Arpéggiator.

When I arranged the Octave all the way up to 5, playing a be aware above the onscreen keyboard's highest N# moderate all the information. The just method to hear the synth once again has been to either turn off the Arpeggiator or choose another Preset.The Chorus effect is delicious, with buttons to select from three unnamed varieties and pulls to control the rate, level, and moist/dry balance.

Similarly, the delay is flexible, with separate delay times and feed-back settings for the remaining and correct outputs. Optimum delay time can be five seconds, long enough to produce some awesome echoing synth loops (see Web Clip 1). Because the hold off time can be displayed as you alter it, it's simple to fixed up relationships between the left and right delays.

I was also pleased to find out that switching the Suggestions knobs all the way up created repetitions that survived longer than 20 minutes before falling out completely. Statement PLATFORMNot remarkably, Minimoog V makes substantial demands on the pc's processor chip.

Arturia Minimoog V Mac Crack

Depending on the chosen Preset, the instrument's handy CPU meter read as higher as 25 pct when I rán the standalone version, even without enjoying. When I transformed on the ModuIation Matrix and effects and performed using the Arpeggiator, it under no circumstances exceeded 43 percent on my computer.Minimoog Sixth is v is not really multitimbral, which indicates there's no overall performance setting. If you wish to make use of several timbres at the same time, you'll need to open up a brand-new example of Minimoog Sixth is v for each sequencer track.

Unless you possess a very powerful computer, you will quickly push up against the Central processing unit roof. Besides the minor arpeggiator bug, the just user interface oddity I came across had been in the standalone version. Whenever I opened the Construction windowpane a 2nd time using the Windows menus, the plan quit. It wásn't a issue as longer as I avoided carrying out that.

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Additional than that, all versions ran smoothly and under no circumstances quit unexpectedly. THE MOOG SOUNDThe query that's most likely most important on your thoughts is certainly “Does it appear like a genuine Minimoog?” My solution is certainly a certified “okay.” It possibly gained't fool an experienced synthesist if you listen to both tools aspect by part, but it arrives pretty darned close up. If you want a sound that specifically matches that of thé Minimoog, you wiIl need to spring for the genuine thing. Actually an costly hardware-based virtuaI-analog synth will not sound precisely like a góod-old Minimoog ór a fresh Moog Voyager.

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The analog synthésizers by Robert Móog are usually cult objects for musicians and makers as well. Among the musical instruments he developed, we can discover the Minimoog, oné of the greatest analog synthesizers of all times, with incredible sound, that you can right now take pleasure in on your personal computer. Moog'beds synthesizer for PCMinimoog V is certainly a virtual entertainment of the famous synthesizer that maintains the exact same visual look and, what's more important, provides an outstanding sound quality. For this purpose, the exact same features have got ended up recreated, beginning with the oscillators, able of offering the exact same waveforms than the initial instrument offered.The 2nd fundamental element of Moog Minimoog are usually its filter systems.

Digital recreations usually offer results that are nowhere near the analog research of the primary, something that doesn'capital t occur with this software. As with the primary, the regularity and focus controls are usually 3rd party, and the great four stage filter has ended up emulated flawlessly, something that together with the habits of the amplifying phases crop gives pleasant harmonic and subharmonic frequencies.Given up with looking for the great noises that could become produced decades ago with the new virtual synthesizers that just don't manage to achieve the mark? Examine out Minimoog Sixth is v, the energy of its fresh largemouth bass and licks sound are usually exceptional because we are talking about one of the greatest synthesizers of all instances.