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Bash edition: GNU bash, edition 3.2.57(1)-release (x8664-apple-darwin14) bash-completion Version: 1.3 See for even more information. Make use of this Docker picture if you desire to check your party completion scripts against these ancient variations but perform not have a Macintosh accessible. How to use Start a pot with your completion software installed into /etc/bashcompletion.deb/, age.h. Docker operate -i -capital t -sixth is v /route/to/compIetion-script:/etc/bashcompIetion.d/compIetion-script albers/básh-completion-mac Notice: You can create control completion for a system that you do not have installed. Simply type its name.

Bash completion has likely saved me days worth of time over the past decade or so. Little did I know, up until recently, however, that there is an official tap with completion scripts (in addition to the ones which come with individual recipes such as git) which can be installed for tools like docker, vagrant and grunt. Get started with Docker for Mac Estimated reading time: 16 minutes Welcome to Docker for Mac! Docker is a full development platform for creating containerized apps, and Docker for Mac is the best way to get started with Docker on a Mac.

Fixing Bash autocompletion on MacOS for kubectl and KOPS. One helpful feature of the Linux Shell is the autocompletion functionality, so in this post we show you how to extend autocomplete to. Contents: Original post Additional notes This is a re-blog of How To Enable Git Tab Completion In Bash On Mac OS X. Original post: contents By Conor Livingston: I use git from the command line all day long.

Finalization doesn't care if it actually exists.

Provides completion for:. Order names after sudo ánd which. Macports ánd Homebrew deal names (optional).

Hostnames in knownhosts for instructions like ssh. Folders on CDPATH And therefore on. You can print a checklist of completion commands with total -p and find the source of a functionality with declare -y.

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Installing Homebrew or MacPórts and Bash First, you possess to set up or relating to the directions. Notice: Do not install both, as they conflict. Then, set up a newer edition of Bash.

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Thé built-in Básh in Operating-system X is a little aged, and you'll obtain more completion options with Bash >4.1, which you can obtain through make install bash or sudo interface install bash depending on whether you make use of Homebrew or MacPorts. Installing bash-compIetion with Homebrew Tó install bash-completion, you have to: make install bash-completion And add the adhering to to your /.bashprofiIe: if -f $(make -prefix)/etc/bashcompletion ; then.

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$(brew -prefix)/étc/bashcompletion fi Homébrew currently puts an older version of bash-compIetion (1.3) that nevertheless functions with Bash 3.x, but nevertheless, making use of Bash 4.x can be recommended. Setting up bash-compIetion with MacPórts With MacPorts: sudó interface install bash-completion Then, include to your /.bashprofile: if -y /opt/regional/etc/profile.n/ ; after that.

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/opt/regional/etc/profile.deb/ fi Notice for directions on how to enable completion for opening names.