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Re: Blackmagic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D signal drops - CS6 ErikNaso May 15, 2012 6:49 AM ( in response to Cutwithray ) Now that I can go back and forth from the source to sequence without a signal lose I'm pretty happy. The Blackmagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is a capture card that allows you to connect, capture, and playback SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-Video and composite media on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Get the entire world's highest quality 2D and 3D workflows! The new DeckLink HD Extreme 3D contains SDI, HDMI 1.4, analog component, analog and AES/EBU audio and even more. Now you can catch and enjoy back again from practically any movie and audio device, also in 3D! DeckLink HD Extreme 3D furthermore contains the latest technologies for sophisticated full resolution 3D editing and enhancing, including double flow SDI catch and playback plus built in HDMI 1.4! Best for write-up production, transmission and also feature movie function, DeckLink HD Extreme 3D fuses between SD ánd HD, and has built in 3 Gigabyte/s SDI, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 RGB, indigenous 12 little bit and frame rates right up to 1080p60! DeckLink HD Extreme 3D furthermore features constructed in upward, straight down and mix conversion, plus an internal SD/HD kéyer all for just $995!

Connect to Anything DeckLink HD Intensive 3D is certainly the only solution that links to SDI, HDMl, component anaIog, NTSC/PAL and S-Video gear for capture and playback, while immediately switching bétween SD, HD and 2K. DeckLink HD Great 3D contains 2 stations of AES/EBU sound in and óut with a example price converter on thé AES/EBU input as properly as 2 stations of XLR professional analog sound in and out. Work with the widest variety of equipment, such ás HDCAM, HD-D5, HDCAM SR, Bétacam SP, Digital Bétacam, HD réceivers, HDV video cameras, televisions, mixers and even more. DeckLink HD Intensive 3D now supports Dual Link SDI and 3 Gigabyte/s SDI, só you can catch and perform back again 4:4:4 video when used with products like as Sóny HDCAM SR™, ór see real time playback of 2K movie quality at 24 fps with Blackmagic Style's HDLink Pro.

Amazing 3D Workflow DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is usually ready for sophisticated 3D workflows making use of both interleaved and dual stream catch and play-back. Interleaved allows the remaining and correct eyesight to become combined into a one frame so you can edit 3D making use of your favourite editing software! Dual stream is furthermore fully supported in DeckLink HD Intensive 3D using the double SDI and HDMI 1.4 cable connections for capture and playback of two complete resolution video clip channels for left and correct attention into two distinct media data files. Dual flow 3D enables the highest quality 3D feasible because each attention is taken as an unbiased full resolution media file, although will be often less suitable with present editing software.

To resolve the dual stream compatibility issue, Blackmagic Style's Media Express is definitely incorporated and helps catch and play-back of both interleaved and double flow 3D mass media documents for a comprehensive 3D solution! New HDMI 1.4 Assistance DeckLink HD Extreme 3D features the most recent generation of HDMI 1.4 built in for catch and playback! HDMI 1.4 enables you maintain your 3D video clip in full quality because it exchanges frames using the body packing method. Frame packing maintains the video frames separate for the still left and right eyes making use of a solitary HDMI connection. HDMI 1.4 can be a massive improvement over the earlier era HDMI for 3D. Nevertheless DeckLink HD Great 3D furthermore retains compatibility with these previous generation HDMI products by assisting side by aspect, collection by line and best and bottom part technique for moving 3D video clip which are usually half quality 3D modes.

Ba financial calculator online. DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is smart, and adapts when you plug into old HDMI devices or the most recent HDMI 1.4 gadgets! Right now you can capture 3D from gadgets such as video cameras and gaming consoles into two different full quality video files, one for each eye. Envision the high quality of the most recent generation HDMI 1.4 televisions for monitoring dual stream full resolution 3D!

That's the highest quality 3D feasible! More HD Real Time Effects DeckLink HD Great 3D's super fast 10 Gb/h connection plugs directly into your editing and enhancing software program's true time effects control. Unlike FireWire products, you get all CPU period for true time effects, as only PCI Express enables you upgrade to HD without limiting real period results. The higher acceleration of PCI Express also easily handles advanced formats such as full quality 2K electronic film. Just high quickness PCI Express guarantees that when you improve your recording studio to high description, you'll get full real time results. Powerful Image Processor chip DeckLink HD Intensive 3D consists of a quick video processor chip for amazing 10 bit quality equipment up, down and mix conversion!

Now you can edit once and set up in SD, 720HG or 1080HG while causing all Processor time devoted to true time effects. You can furthermore select between letterbox, anamórphic 16:9 and pillar- box 4:3 video clip! When functioning in HD movie, down transformation enables you keep track of in SD ánd HD at thé exact same period with s-video and composite video results active. New 3 Gb/s SDI Connections The new DeckLink HD Great 3D is definitely the initial capture cards to consist of high rate 3 Gb/s SDI contacts. 3 Gigabyte/s SDI is definitely the most recent edition of the SDI video clip standard that enables 4:4:4 RGB and 2K movie link and even 3D with a solitary BNC kind link.

3 Gb/s SDI operates double the information price of normal HD-SDI video, however it can immediately switch to traditional standard definition and high description SDI. 3 Gigabyte/s SDI allows 4:4:4 RGB workflow or full quality 2K function film high quality 24 frames per second 2048 times 1556 catch and play-back. 2K via SDI enables a groundbreaking switch to feature film workflow as today you can connect film quality video clip around your service using the same familiar workflow as a 'normal' video clip job! Only DeckLink HD Great 3D gives you film editing features constructed in for no additional cost! Incredible Built ln HDMI You'Il like the complete quality HDMI insight and result built into DeckLink HD Extreme 3D. Make use of the HDMI result for linking to any 2D or 3D HDMI tv or movie projector for full HD resolution checking at very much lower price than a dedicated HD put out monitor.

Think about promoting your work to your customers using movie theater dimension large screen movie projectors or television sets! Use the constructed in HDMI input for capturing from cams with HDMI outputs. Unlike FireWire catch, making use of the HDMI output of customer cameras means you obtain the highest high quality uncompressed video clip from the cameras, or you can use the native compression of your editing and enhancing software, such as uncompréssed, JPEG, DVCPR0 HD, and ProRés. Unlike FireWire data compresion, using the indigenous compression of your editing and enhancing software, mixed with higher quickness 10 Gigabyte/s PCI Show provides you all CPU time for maximum real period results playback immediate to large display shows and put out monitors. World's Highest Quality Fully compatible with SD-SDl and HD-SDl 4:2:2, brand-new DeckLink HD Intensive 3D furthermore features Double Hyperlink HD-SDI 4:4:4 contacts for feature film high quality. Dual Link 4:4:4 can be utilized on the most recent Sony HDCAM SR decks, and contains additional colour detail giving you full RGB color bandwidth and additional accuracy of up to 10 little bit SDI video.

When linked via PCI Show to a web host computer, this higher quality movie can be captured and played back completely uncompressed for amazing feature film quality. DeckLink HD Great 3D also requires a fresh business lead in quality with the most recent 3 Gb/s SDI technologies, so you can link RGB 4:4:4 and 2K and even 3D via a solitary SDI link. 3 Gigabyte/s SDI technology will be the video regular of the potential for article manufacturing, and allows 'beyond High definition tv resolutions'. DeckLink HD Intensive 3D is perfect for hooking up to Digital Bétacam™, Panasónic HD-D5™ or thé fresh Sony HDCAM SR decks.

Use acquainted tools in Adobe InDesign® for larger management and potency for page layout and preparation for high-quality print production. X gamer adobe keygen for mac. Transcend print to craft media-rich publications for iPad and different pill devices. Work blazingly quick on complicated files in Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator®.

Uncompressed 10 little bit video is the highest quality feasible from the SDI television system, and only uncompressed movie will keep up under weighty working problems required by customers nowadays while keeping a sensitive film appearance. True Expert Quality Sound DeckLink HD Extreme 3D features out of balance AES digital sound in and out simply because nicely as XLR balanced pro audio for incredible high quality while preserving sample accuraté AV sync. DéckLink HD Extreme 3D includes a trial price converter on thé AES/EBU input, so you can link to any digital audio device, as either synchronized or un-synchronized sources. DeckLink HD Intensive 3D also consists of a massive 16 channels of SDI embedded audio assistance for HD catch and play-back, and 8 channels of SDI stuck audio for regular definition catch and playback.

Compatible with Popular Video Software DeckLink HD Great 3D functions in Home windows XP™, Home windows Vista™, Home windows 7, Macintosh OS Back button™ and Linux techniques. Make use of your preferred video software such as Apple Final Slice Pro™, Adobe Elite Professional™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Photoshop™, eyeon Fusion™ and many more.

Instantly change between 2K, 1080 HD, 720 HD, NTSC and Pet for world-wide compatibility. Includes A good deal of Free of charge Software Utilities Photoshop™ plug-ins are usually incorporated for capture and output of nevertheless structures.

Blackmagic Mass media Show™ allows you manage a veranda distantly via RS-422 for capture and playback of videos with timecode accuracy and Blackmagic Drive Speed Check™ bank checks your drive range in structures per minute.

The Blackmagic Style DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G is an 8-street PCIe Gen2 electronic cinema catch and play-back credit card with two muIti-rate 12G-SDI advices and outputs that accept promises fróm SD up to DCl 4K (4096x2160) at 60 frames per second. The cards supports 10-little bit YUV and 8-, 10-, and 12-bit RGB colour, as nicely as up/down/cross conversion rates and 3D stereoscopic output at complete bandwidth 4:4:4:4 RGB. The DeckLink 4K Great 12G features a mezzanine card design that has 4K HDMI insight and output connectors on a 2nd daughter credit card, along with contacts for incorporating two various optical fiber quests for Dual Link optical fibers SDI insight and result. The card also facilitates AES/EBU well balanced XLR and out of balance RCA advices/outputs, analog video clip I/O, reference input, and RS-422 handle via an integrated breakout wire. Flexible Format Assistance The card offers versatile structure and program support, letting you function with compressed video formats such as ProRes and DNxHD, mainly because well as 12-little bit 4:4:4 uncompressed video.

When operating with uncompressed video, all images are usually pixel-for-pixel similar to the resource, without any generational loss. This allows you obtain sharper keying with green displays, cleaner compositions, superior color correction, and even more.

Assistance for common file formats provides ready-to-edit documents for make use of in well-known editing, results, and design software applications. DeckLink Business 4K is definitely compatible with Macintosh, Home windows, and Linux centered workstations.

Blackmagic Decklink Hd Extreme 3d Drivers Mac

Optical Fiber Connections Two optical fiber connections on the child card support elective optical fibers quests for Dual Hyperlink optical fibers SDI insight and output. SMPTE compatible optical segments can be added for upward to 12G-SDI speeds, allowing you to select to link equipment using optical fibers connections rather of regular BNC copper cables for significantly longer wire runs, actually at 12 Gigabyte/s speeds.

DeckLink facilitates more editing, style and video software than any some other capture credit card, freeing you to function with your favorite creative software program. They furthermore work with any Mac, Windows and Linux applications. Get complete editing compatibility with DaVinci Deal with, Final Slice Pro X, Press Composer, Premiere Professional and even more!

Create spectacular visual results with Fusion, After Results and Photoshop. Perform unmatched color correction making use of DaVinci Answer. Function seamlessly with Fairlight sound in DaVinci Fix or ProTools for audio creation. With such a wide range of software assistance, DeckLink is usually ideal for every part of your workflow! DaVinci Resolve DaVinci Deal with for Mac pc and Windows can be the entire world's most advanced editing and enhancing, color modification and professional audio software option. It can be compatible with higher performance GPU cards, hardware control panels such as the DaVinci Resolve Micro, Small and Advanced panels, and also third party panels from Tangent, JL Cooper Eclipse and more. You obtain 64-touch drift YRGB refinement for all results, power home windows, monitoring, primaries and secondaries, and 3D item monitoring.


DeckLink cards were developed to become the perfect answer for DaVinci color grading and have been made to flawlessly go with the effective features in the most recent DaVinci Handle! Premiere Professional DeckLink is usually the highest quality editing solution for Signature Professional and completely supports the Mercury Play-back engine for amazing realtime results.

You get a full selection of Elite plug-ins with porch handle and full assistance for 8 and 10 little bit uncompressed AVI and QuickTime data files, as well as Motion JPEG and DVCPR0 HD which cán all end up being played back on the same Premiere Professional schedule without making. QuickTime uncompressed documents from Macs can also be performed back again for cross-platform media sharing! Mass media Composer The Avid Media Composer family of software program, like Symphony and NewsCutter, provides fully incorporated assistance for DeckLink.

Catch and enjoy back again in complete 10 little bit uncompressed 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 high quality, or directly in Avid DNxHD or various other popular compressed formats. Press Composer has fast and acquainted procedure along with a 64-little bit structures that enables you enjoy back complicated layered results in genuine period. DeckLink is the ideal selection for professionals searching for the best feasible Avid workflow! WDM Driver for Home windows DeckLink facilitates WDM and DiréctShow so you cán capture high quality video straight into your Home windows NLE workfIow!

With WDM ánd DirectShow compatibility, DéckLink enables your buy, editing and enhancing and blog post workflow to end up being entirely set up on the Windows platform and functions with hundreds of post creation and put out software resources like as MAGIX Video Professional, vMix, VidBIasterX! With WDM ánd DirectShow support, DeckLink provides you the freedom to configure your Windows system the way you would like!

Blackmagic Resources Included! Blackmagic Mass media Express software program comes free of charge with every DeckLink credit card. Media Express enables you set catch and playback 2D or also dual stream stereoscopic 3D in uncompressed YUV 4:2:2 and RGB 4:4:4 QuickTime, AVI and DPX, or compressed ProRes, DVCPRO and MJPEG documents. DeckLink credit cards also consist of Blackmagic LiveKey and Blackmagic Disk Speed Check. LiveKey lets you put in logos and some other graphics in true time using SDI outputs.

Disk Velocity Test checks your drive number and gives you an easy to know speed check with the results in video frames per minute! Broadcasting Design Feature movie and television post production needs the highest probable image quality for factors like as color modification and visual effects. For powerful electronic compositing, DeckLink cards are suitable with Fusion, Nuke, After Results and even more so you can blend a bunch of live life activity, matte paintings, 2D and 3D CGI levels! DeckLink credit cards are ideal for broadcast style because they provide the high high quality and reliability you need for operating under pressure in transmission workflows! Help for your favorite professional sound software program DeckLink will be fully suitable with the world's greatest NLE software techniques so you can get your edit from any program and get good at your sound making use of Fairlight audio in DaVinci Take care of or ProTools!

By incorporating a DeckLink card to your ProTools program, you can along with play video clip and audio together while mixing to prevent slipped audio and Iip sync misalignments. Home windows audio software support enables you to make use of Steinberg Nuendo fór audio re-récording and multitrack understanding and in Cubase you can score music to a split video track!

Loading DeckLink can be fully suitable with well-known video clip and audio streaming software so you can obtain your live life stream to hundreds of thousands of online viewers! On Macintosh, stream live life video clip with Adobe flash Mass media Encoder, Wirecast and Livestream Manufacturer. When streaming on Home windows, you get compatibility with Adobe flash Media Encoder, Xsplit Broadcastér, Wirecast and Livéstream Maker. Stream higher quality video of live occasions, webcasts, educational seminars, sales presentations, concerts or also video gameplay with DeckLink! Developer SDK All DeckLink cards consist of a free software builder package for Macintosh, Home windows and Linux. This enables you create custom solutions for in house use or also commercial submission!

DeckLink furthermore includes DirectShow filters, a WDM Home windows Drivers and QuickTime API that allows DeckLink credit cards integrate seamlessly with an amazingly wide range of programs and codecs. Create your solutions with confidence because DeckLink cards are a versatile, proven base that frees you to function without limitations. The DeckLink SDK provides both reduced level control of equipment and higher level interfaces that permit you to very easily perform typical duties.

It actually enables you create as soon as and then easily set up your answer across the whole range of DeckLink capture cards.