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Elgato Video Capture - Capture Analog Video for Your Mac or PC, iPad and iPhone. Transfer video to your Mac or PC from a VCR, DVR, camcorder, or any other. Digitize video from a VCR, camcorder and other analog video sources for playback on your Mac, PC and iPad. Transfer video to your Mac or PC from a VCR, DVR, camcorder, or any other analog video device as a high quality H.264 file. Digitise video from a VCR, camcorder and other analogue video sources for playback on your Mac, PC and iPad. The era of VHS tapes is winding down, and after three decades there is a lot of video content to transfer for modern playback devices.

The Elgato turns VHS tapes into digital file format to your computer. I possess an iMac ánd on this device it is usually straightforward to write the digitised film to DVD ás the 'burner ánd software' is definitely component of the computer. The Elgato link to a VHS participant is easy SCART adapter provided as can be the connection to a USB 2.0 port on the pc. The conversion process can be simple and guidelines appear in steps on the pc display screen. No guide is needed and all essential instructions for setting up up are usually clearly published on the storage space case. Entirely a very compact, convenient and dependable device. You may get options cheaper but this product is well worth the additional.

My rating is structured on the use of the EIgato with a S0NY VHS player 10 season old and a 6 year previous iMac. The novels states it will be compatible with a Personal computer but I cannot remark on that. Excellent concept and properly made unit.

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The software is good but would benefit from more control over the bitrate. However, there is a issue that affects both Home windows and Mac computer systems. The audió drifts out óf sync over time. Short records of 30 mins seem great - they may end up being slightly out but not noticeable. Lengthy records of 90min plus are well out óf sync by thé finish of the document. When the document is becoming captured you can keep track of the audio vidéo on the pc.

It IS in sync during capture (at minimum the critique will be). However when you strike stop and conserve the file (with or without cutting off) the software will some kind of file administration - possibly swapping a temp file for the actual MP4 in the location folder. After thát the MP4 produced drifts progressively out of sync over period.

We bought three Elgato systems. We tried two Apple computers (i5 Mini and a double Xeon) working El Capitan. We furthermore attempted a new we5 Windows 10 device with a lot of ram memory etc. We tried with and withóut a TBC fróm SVHS products and from DVCAM decks. The outcomes were exactly the exact same no matter what combination. The Elgato gadgets guaranteed a lot - actual period MP4 capture and great software but it wásn't to end up being.

We possess now reverted to our tried and examined technique of FireWire capturé as DV after that convert in software program to MP4. It will take more time but the results are dependable and good.

Brilliant concept and well made unit. The software program is great but would advantage from more control over the bitrate. Nevertheless, there is a problem that affects both Home windows and Macintosh computer systems. The audió drifts out óf sync over time. Short catches of 30 mins seem great - they may be somewhat out but not noticeable. Long captures of 90min plus are properly out óf sync by thé end of the document.

When the file is getting captured you can monitor the audio vidéo on the pc. It Will be in sync during capture (at minimum the preview can be). However when you hit end and conserve the document (with or without trimming) the software program will some kind of file administration - probably swapping a temperature document for the actual MP4 in the destination folder. After thát the MP4 produced drifts steadily out of sync over time. We purchased three Elgato models. We attempted two Apple computers (we5 Mini and a dual Xeon) operating El Capitan.

We also attempted a fresh i5 Home windows 10 device with a lot of ram memory etc. We attempted with and withóut a TBC fróm SVHS products and from DVCAM products. The results were exactly the same no matter what combination. The Elgato products promised a great deal - actual time MP4 capture and good software program but it wásn't to be. We possess right now reverted to our attempted and examined technique of FireWire capturé as DV then convert in software to MP4.

It takes longer but the results are reliable and great. Bought this to move my video 8 movies (PAL structure) onto my iMac for editing and enhancing and after that producing DVD's. For such undemanding things, it worked good and has made existence a great deal less difficult. After installing the Elgato app necessary for the move process, everything was pretty very much straightforward.

Some reviewers issues appear to become with compatibility, therefore perform some research that this device will work with your devices, if in question. UPDATE 20/9/14. Reduced 2 celebrities because getting worked well with this for a while, I've found it's all as well simple to prevent recording from Elgato ánd NOT capture yóur video, in which case you have got to start again and because the capture will be in REAL TIME, you have lost all that period if you prevent recording and haven't made certain you have got captured your video on to your pc.

There is certainly no facility or safety measure to avoid you doing this. Furthermore, if you allow your Mac pc sleep, this prevents any recording from the Elgato, so you have to create sure you pc is on while saving is acquiring place. First reactions were optimistic on initial tests but even more in-depth make use of reversed my opinion. There is definitely no CD in the package deal but the software program is easily downloaded from the guidelines in the packet 2. Installation according to the directions was simple and completed in a several minutes. Possess tested a few movies ón VHS-C tapes.

Evérything worked well as expected. The quality of the video has been very great and as anticipated from a low-resolution structure. Have taken it into Magix Video Professional at 720 x 576 (of training course, little significant quality upgrade but enables it to end up being included in DV tasks) with all the editing services of a serious manager. 5.Lip synch was perfect up to 45 minutes. I suspect that problems about this may become owing to computers with limited overall performance. The attached photo can be a screen-shót from á VHS video tape: the quality talks for itself fróm a low-rés resource (it is usually unretouched).

Elgato Video Capture - Digitise Video For Mac Pc Or Ipad (usb 2.0)

If you appear meticulously, you can find some of the inevitable framework artefacts that become unseen in play-back. Semi-negative remark: to result a capture, you have to move through two needless phases of the Elgato menus. Minor annoyance! My first reactions above have turn out to be seriously mitigated.

I have got since found out that the video quality is quite bad where you have got shows, which become burnt out. I have since scrapped this gadget as useless and changed it by a much better supermarket one costing a third of this rubbish. The picture below exhibits how the features have become burnt out with no details in the owls. The same scene grabbed from the supermarket device displays full details in the owIs' plumage. Elgato's i9000 reply to my questions was very unhelpful My suggestion: don't waste materials your money on this gadget! The Elgato converts VHS tapes into electronic structure to your personal computer.

I have an iMac ánd on this gadget it is straightforward to compose the digitised film to DVD ás the 'burner ánd software program' is usually part of the personal computer. The Elgato link to a VHS player is simple SCART adapter provided as can be the connection to a USB 2.0 interface on the computer.

The transformation process is simple and instructions appear in actions on the computer screen. No handbook is required and all necessary directions for setting up are clearly published on the storage space case. Completely a really compact, useful and dependable gadget. You may get alternatives cheaper but this item is worth the extra.

My rating is structured on the use of the EIgato with a S0NY VHS participant 10 12 months outdated and a 6 yr previous iMac. The reading claims it is definitely compatible with a Computer but I cannot comment on that. About 10 decades ago I purchased a Dvd and blu-ray/VHS combo device to transform tapes to Dvd and blu-ray. It had been a pain in the a.

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to make use of and frequently refused to enjoy golf ball. By comparison this Elgato device worked 1st period, every period. Simply superb for ease of use, but missing in features I think.

All documents are kept in.Mp4 file format, which can be fine, but you get no alternative file file format, no choice of high quality or fiddling with sound options; you fairly much obtain just record and stop. The VHS sound/video high quality recorded will rely upon how good (and clean) your VHS recorder is. It might end up being well worth the trouble of ordering a VHS recording mind cleaner before trying this Elagto gadget. Anything you can perform to help the playback be simply because even and as very clear appearing as probable, and thát's what thé Elgato will capturé.Mp4 will be good because it retains the file sizes very little. It has to document WHILST the video is definitely playing, which is definitely fine.

But I get worried how the outputted document will look on a big display. Like a 40' lounge Television or bigger. The data files produced appearance good on a laptop computer, almost identical to the VHS supply recording, but there will end up being other artefacts brought on by the.Mp4 document compression. Testimonials of cheaper products equivalent to the EIgato on Amazon have got reported problems of sound dropping out óf sync with thé video as soon as you get past an hr of recording. I've recorded 2 hrs non-stóp with the EIgato and it remained in sync throughout the recording. This device will conserve your family thoughts, and give thanks to god its so easy to use. For that cause its worth its pounds in silver.

I possess been looking for a method to transfer both some outdated VHS tapes ánd some off-áir recorded programmes fróm my digi-box - l furthermore needed one particular specifically compatible with my Macintosh. I acquired been recommended the cheaper iCapturé, but I had been not impressed with some of the evaluations - it also seemed instead inexpensive.

I'meters pleased I opted to spend a little more for the Elgato. Making use of it is certainly dead simple: actually plug in (component or scart to USB2), adhere to a few fundamental onscreen bank checks, and after that hit report - the software des all the rest. After it's i9000 accomplished it then either saves the document as an MP4 (ready to watch in Quicktime or transfer to iTunes), or slots you into iMovie for editing and tearing to Dvd movie. The high quality is good (although it does depend on the high quality of the initial itself) - and it also functions with my digi-box, so l can save a few of those BBC4 folk events that have been consuming up my HD room;) An exceptional product. Extremely delighted with this device. It'beds easy to use - just plug and enjoy straight from the container (once you've downloaded the software program) with an simple to make use of interactive screen.

There is certainly, for me anyway, no detectable reduction of high quality so much. I has been conscious of prior alerts of the audio synch drifting, so I documented 30 small pieces at a time and simply stitched them collectively on Quicktime. There was certainly no synch flow on a 30 minute saving. It's i9000 arrive at the right time as some óf my 30 year-old VHS tapes (offering my children as children and my past due mother) are going down hill, and they are usually now kept for the future. My only negative comment is quite minimal - every time I open the app a notice springs up to advise that I should place it in the Mac's Programs folder - despite the reality that it currently is usually in there. I can live with thát - it hásn't impacted the functioning in any method.

Change to the over: The Applications folder concern has long gone apart after restarting the Macintosh, therefore all can be sweet taste and light, and I have got now recorded a 3 hr VHS cassette directly, without ending, and I acquired completely no audio sync issue at all. I purchased this product after a amount of hit a brick wall efforts to gain access to my save of analogue resources like VHS, 8mm and Hi8 tapes. Earlier I acquired attempted this with a capture cards in a windows Computer which more often that not omitted to duplicate the sound. There has been no like issue with the Elgato. Simply because shortly as I opened the box, which itself will be developed for keeping the item and sits nicely on a bookshelf, it has been quite obvious what went where. There is definitely no more a Compact disc made up of the software program integrated. This shouldn't become an problem for most individuals and there can be a hyperlink to a free of charge download of the capture system for the Macintosh.

The Elgato gives an impression of becoming well constructed and offers a nicely designed and unobtrusive footprint. Once downloaded and set up the legato gadget is discovered automatically.

Cable connections are really basic, USB2 on your PC to component RCA ‘women' connectors (Yellow for video, red and whitened for sound) to connect to your resource. There will be also an RCA tó SCART convertor supplied which makes connection also easier to a VHS. There will be furthermore an S-VHS connection provided that gives slightly increased image and good high quality if your resource can supply it. One point to take note is that as there are usually 2 audio connectors a stereo or double mono transmission is expected. When I connected a mono HI8 camcorder sound had been only documented by the PC on the left station.

To correct this during documenting you'll need to a little convertor that will split the mono signal from oné RCA to twó to give you a ‘double mono' signal. After the simple contacts the convenience with which you can after that make a saving should become no shock. The capture software helps you examine that you have got sound, then image and after that you click on as soon as to report.

At this phase there are usually very several changes to become produced except to inform the software whether to record for 30, 60 and upward to 180 minutes before quitting. This can be helpful as in any other case recording will carry on until you operate out of disk space. Oddly there is no choice for a 240 moment saving which used to end up being a common length for VHS tapes. The amount of drive space required is dependent on the length of the saving and I found that 180 moments packed about 1.8GB of tough disk room when rescued as.MP4. As soon as your saving is complete you can trim extraneous material at the starting or finish using a easy ‘slider' tool. After that all that's i9000 still left to do is conserve to a file or straight into iMovie on the Macintosh or the downloadable Windows software. Once here you can of course tweak the recording as you discover fit!

This can be not really the cheapest option for video transfer but the simpleness and exceptional image and good quality create the extra expenses worthwhile. After all you only back again up your remembrances once and the Elgato lets you perform it properly. So far this product has caused endless issue. No part of the software program is recognized by my laptop computer which is usually running Windows 10. Error code 102 and teaching to contact Technical Dept.utter pish! We can get video from an Asteroid traveling at over 1000Kmeters per moment, run a Space station yet like a easy concept as operating software appears to be full of 'click's', mistake codes, attempt this, test that.utterly inexcusable. Right now, 90minches afterwards and numerous hyperlinks to website and the enclosed software entirel up to date and re-installed, I possess a working system.

Outcomes yet to be observed. Easy arranged up, easy to make use of. Quality appears good enough. Some of my tapes are quite older so can'capital t always be certain whether it will be the cassette or the move. I have got Final Lower Pro and has been capable to improve them a little bit with that.

Do have problem with the good saving on some videos. It had been either out óf sync or garbIed and had to move back again and report again. Can't show if it is just a problem when you record longer videos or if it is my tapes (though the audio on the tapes when watching on TV is good).

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A good item but just provided it three superstars as I believe the cost is definitely a bit high.

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$Video Capture Usb 0 Cards Hd 2 Video game Dvd movie 1080p Computer w Vhs Adapter Xbox Free Shipping Elgato Video seize emblem NewIncludes three hundréd and sixty fivé days guarantee The Elgato Y66247 is usually a video seize gadget to capture anaIog video foryour mác or notebook, iPad and iPhone as a higher nice H.264 record. This device offers an easyway to digitize national video to pIayback in your laptop computer, to sync with an iPad or iPhone,to edit in iMovie or home windows stay film machine, or to add to youtube.

Y66247 functions: -Movie seize device -Digitize videoFrom a VCR/different Analog Movie supply to Macintosh/pc -exchange VideoTo Mac/laptop from á VCR, DVR, Camcorder or another Analogue Video tool -Captures Video clip in founded H.