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How to Install PyQt4 on OS X Note: this is a tutorial on Mac OS X 10.6.4, with: PyQt-mac-gpl-snapshot-4.7.5-8a6793a155e0.tar.gz and with: sip-4.11-snapshot-052b642f04a8.tar.gz. It should be the same on previous and next versions.

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Writers: Torsten Marek, John Boddie lntroducing PyQt4 for GUl Software Development. We made the decision to use this name. Position Submitted the talk, displayed it, and uploaded photo slides. Abstract is definitely a set of bindings fór Qt 4, a cross-platform M framework utilized to make graphical consumer user interface (GUI) applications. With the launch of, Python developers are right now able to create effective cross-platform appIications and deploy thém under thé GNU General Public License (GPL) or the Qt Business Permit on all systems that support Qt and Pythón. We will first briefly talk about (for Qt 3) and PyKDE (bindings for the E Desktop Environment), and consider a look at what offers transformed in.

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The primary component of the presentation will cover the new opportunities that offers developers, like entry to Qt's i9000 rich text message handling functions, sophisticated data handling settings, internationalization assistance, and integration with the Qt Developer GUI style tool. Remarks:.

Possess I over-engineered the starting sentence in your essay?:-). Should we simply submit something Iike this and finé-tune it later on?. I put on't understand how several 'industrial' people will be there, probably we should stress and anxiety that it's possible to depIoy it under á commercial license as well. Both licenses are pointed out now. Thoughts I'michael not completely certain whom to target. Judging from the truth that this is a Python meeting, we should probably put importance on the Python part and not on the compatibiIity between ánd Qt/G.

I think there's no need to in fact win somebody for Python. benefits of using Python'h native information sorts and all expansion segments with Qt (much less prógramming sit-ups). Yés, this can be component of what makes making use of (rather than Qt on its own) interesting to several people, though we've currently mentioned that this can be a Qt for Python chat, not a Python for Qt chat.;-). wrapping own C widgets with sip?. Maybe a bit specialised for a common talk. are usually we going to make use of real-world programs or write the examples ourselves?.

A little bit of both, I believe. See the Demonstrations and Good examples area. I believe we're trying to reply the question, 'Why use to develop applications?' Instead than, 'Why use Python to create Qt applications?'

The last mentioned issue would form the time frame of a chat I should provide to my colleagues.;-). probably make a little evaluation with other GUI toolkits - better look on Win32 than Gtk, no non-native widgets on Linux as wx offers. I desire to test and avoid making this kind of assessment, or at minimum making it component of the talk. I believe that there will be supporters of these tooIkits at, and wouId rather not spend too much time arguing with them.:-) One method to approach this is definitely to question, 'What benefits does provide Python developers? Which features are especially particular or fascinating?'

Intro General features of Qt ánd:. Cross-platform - Not just Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, but Windows 9x to XP, various Unix alternatives, Linux, and Mac pc OS A.

Also accessible as Qtopia Core on inlayed Linux. Dual licensed Topics I think it would become great to divided the chat into areas. Apart from the review part, which could simply show things like illustrations of applications ánd Python appIications in KDE, thé second part could also be divided into fascinating topics that are usually followed by examples. Taking the as inspiration, and attempting not to convert this into some kind of marketing record, the key points are usually:. Widgets, styles and styles. The variety of widgets obtainable is well worth mentioning, as is certainly the indigenous appearance and sense provided by the design program. It would become great to point out event-handling, while knowing that it isn't always a main feature for specific kinds of customers.

Although I'm not really certain how useful is is, I believe we can say that is certainly not really much less 'Pythonic' than some other frameworks. Composing Qt applications in G is very a Pythonic expertise in itself these days. Regular GUI functions + internationalization. Major window program paradigm is backed, but there are lots of possibilities for applications to stick to various other paradigms. Signals and slot machines, meta-objects and properties. Not really everyone understands about signals and slot machines. Some additional frameworks still make use of callbacks.

Preview of Python tó meta-object system integration. Tension that all the development sit-ups required for Qt/G are not really required for, at Iittle or no reduction. Graphics features. Transparency, anti-aliasing, accelerated rendering and SVG support are usually all appealing features to a great deal of people. Given that makes these accessible to Python customers on a wide range of platforms, I believe it't worth displaying off these functions. Thankfully, there are plenty of great illustrations and demos available, though many could end up being even nicer.

Some of these need to be ported to Python. Affluent text message and printing support. I really need to write some good examples to really display off the brand-new API for rich text editing and enhancing.

Features like PDF printing assistance will be interesting to a lot of people. Database support and item views. These are usually only linked collectively because there are database models in Qt 4. Going into any kind of fine detail for the design/view architecture isn'testosterone levels feasible. The database examples assist people discover the value of the design/view technique. Probably we could create sth.

Like QSqITableModel for a DBAPl-Module. Perhaps, yes. Or discover a non-SQL database to make use of as a backend. Equipment - Developer, Linguist and Assistant. The people desire to find Developer.;-) - As well poor that using Python widgets in Designer doesn't work however, but we can show how to make use of them anyhow.

They work for me, but I experienced to plot to obtain that behavior. I can send out you the plot scripts if you wish. I require to function on that once again to make it less of a compromise. Linguist satisfies a want that numerous people don't realise they have got. There are Python variations of the interpretation tools. Helper arrives with Qt documentation, but you can make use of it to sponsor your very own records.

The QAssistantClient class can also be used to offer online help. Insight/output and networking. 's i9000 networking courses possibly aren't compelling for many Python users. However, courses like QProcess ánd the XML classes are even more useful than numerous people most likely realise.

The. classes provide a DOM interface that's a great deal faster than minidom, for illustration. Wrt to XML, I stay obvious from anything that has DOM in its name - for Python, will be a much much better API. I speculate that't genuine for several individuals. It would be fascinating to evaluate the QDom classes with (c) in conditions of overall performance, but most likely not interesting for this kind of talk. Other functions.

The resource system will be interesting to some people. Cross-platform assistance for threading will be precious, but Python already provides a workable API for that. I find Qt4 (also compared to Qt3) to have got a extremely consistent, so your intuitions are best if you know the principal suggestions of the framework The problem with this technique is definitely that it doesn't really stage out the essential features that create Qt different, or at minimum supply the basic architectural foundations, such as styles, indicators and slot machines, and assistance for internationalization. However, I think the choice approach would end up being fairly dry and specialized, and would possibly be even more suitable for training materials. Demonstrations and Good examples I think we should carefully look at what's already obtainable, especially for, before spending time creating new demos and good examples. The web page shows what'h ended up ported from G, though there are usually a few more good examples that aren'capital t quite completed, and the Qt snapshots contain even more recent ones as properly.

Pyqt Installation

Visually attractive and/or fascinating Qt/PyQt examples:. challenge (either drag and fall or item see). software (or one of the additional main screen good examples).?

Pyqt Linux

(a networking example).? (an OpenGL example). painterpaths. svgviewer.


ordérform (or something even more amazing) and syntaxhighlighter. mandelbrot (probably with improvements) - needs speed-up (or my laptop computer is as well gradual). I believe it requires to have the speed-critical components rewritten in C, and that kind of misses the stage. Probably we could choose a better illustration.:-).

plugandpaint (perhaps too strange for a Python example and may need infrastructure work). charactermap. imageviewer. scréenshot (and/or anothér instance for KDE). chicken scratch.

dombookmarks Items We Missed Out I nevertheless require to finish writing sections about databases, OpenGL and internationalization. I believe it's possibly too optimistic to wish that we'll obtain everything pointed out here into the chat. PyQt/EuroPython2006Talk (last modified 2014-06-04 21:38:59 by ).

I just began learning QT last night and made a decision to make a fundamental instance. I generally thought creating QT applications would end up being difficult but once working with QT Inventor is not poor at all. I will end up being including a QT section to my site discussion board. You can check out my community forum at. I have programming illustrations in plethora of languages that I know. Some are usually Delphi, D, C, Python, Ruby, Haskell, Coffee, Perl, BASH, and very much even more.


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