How To Format A Lacie Hard Drive For Mac


If you possess an exterior hard drive or USB flash drive that yóu'd like tó use on both Macs and Home windows PCs, selecting the correct file system to format thé drive can end up being confusing. Learn a few methods to make your drive Mac and PC friendly. Need to entry or transfer data files between Mac and Computer? As basic as this task sounds, it's not really very straightforward for unskilled customers.

If i format my LaCie disk on a PC (Windows), one of the partitions (i think it was the Mac side) can only be at most 32GB. So, do your disk formatting on a Mac, and you will not have this problem. Hope this helps you! 'Hi, do you know how to reformat Lacie external hard drive to FAT32 so that it can be used for both Windows PC and Mac? Two months ago, I bought a Lacie external hard drive as a backup drive of my Windows 7 computer.

Since Macintosh OS Times and Home windows use totally different document systems, the way a drive is formatted can figure out what type of computer it will function with. In reality, there are usually four ways you can format an external or USB flash drive to attain varying levels of compatibility between Apple computers and Personal computers.

Allow's get a appearance at them: HFS+ Mac OS Back button's indigenous file system is HFS+ (also identified as Mac pc OS Extended), ánd it's thé only one that functions with Time Machine. But while HFS+ will be the best way to format forces for use on Macs, Windows will not help it.

If you're also only heading to end up being using your external or USB flash drive with specific Personal computers - like as at house or the office - you might become interested in a program known as. When you set up MacDrive on a Windows Personal computer, it will be capable to seamlessly examine create to HFS+ runs.

This isn't a good alternative if you need your drive to function on any Personal computer without setting up software, even though. NTFS The native Windows file system will be NTFS, which is usually only partly suitable with Mac pc OS X. Macs can study files on NTFS forces, but it cannot compose to them. Therefore if you require to obtain documents from a PC to your Mac, NTFS will be a decent option. Nevertheless, you gained't become able to shift documents in the additional direction, from Mac pc to Personal computer. Excess fat32 The nearly all universally backed method to format your drive is certainly with the FAT32 file program.

It functions with all variations of Mac OS Times and Windows. Case closed, right?

Properly, not therefore fast. Regrettably, Body fat32 can be a very old document program and offers some technical limitations. For instance, you cannot save data files that are bigger than 4GM on a Excess fat32-formatted drive. This is usually a deal-bréaker if you work with huge data files. The additional limitation is certainly the complete size of the partitión. If you fórmat your FAT32 drive in Home windows, the drive partition cannot be larger than 32GB.

If you fórmat it from á Macintosh operating 10.7 Lion, the drive partition can become upward to 2TM. Much better, except for that pesky 4GC limit. ExFAT The exFAT file system removes the two main insufficiencies of Body fat32: the largest partition and file dimensions it supports are practically unlimited by nowadays's requirements.

Awesome, it's perfect! Almost since exFAT is fairly brand-new, it isn't compatible with old Macs and Personal computers. Any Macintosh operating 10.6.5 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion) facilitates exFAT, while PCs running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows 7 are compatible.

If you know you'll end up being using computer systems running updated variations of these working techniques, exFAT is usually the obvious best option. Format a drive making use of Disk Tool on a Mac. Launch Disk Tool (Programs >Utilities). Select your exterior hard drive or USB adobe flash drive from the checklist on the left. Click on on the Erase tabs. Select the format - Mac pc Operating-system Extended (HFS+), MS-DOS (FAT32), or exFAT - then name the drive. Click on the Erase key and the drive will begin formatting.

End up being conscious that format a drive deletes all of the documents on it, therefore back up anything important before finishing this step. Format a drive using Windows. Go to Pc (or My Pc in Windows XP). Select your drive from the list and right-cIick on it. Choosé Structure from the contextual menu. A windows will appear up where you can select the format - NTFS, Body fat32, or exFAT.

Make sure the portion unit size is set to default and style in a volume label. Click Begin to format thé drive.

I do precisely what you stated to perform in order to format a LaCie 160gn exterior hard drive tó exFat for use on a Macintosh (OSX 10.7 Lion) and a Computer (Home windows 7). Regrettably, now my Macintosh doesn't “see” the hard drive anymore and my Personal computer shows me the device is not working properly (mistake Program code 43 in Device Manager). Before reformatting fróm a NTFS, thé LaCie proved helpful great on my Mac and my Personal computer “sáw” it but l couldn't access it. It is linked via USB 2.0 and AC/DC strength. Where could I move or what resource(s i9000) is/are accessible for me to solve this problem?

I heard making use of a firewire might help. I simply got a Seagate GoFlex Table External Push, and after reading your write-up, I attempted to fórmat it for ExFát but obtained an mistake: Invalid Choice. Seagate informs me that they do not support ExFat. They say “Reformatting a drivé in ExFAT can be something that we don't support. It can end up being an volatile format that can result in data data corruption without caution.” Possess you found that various other hard drive makes state they put on't support this format for the same cause? Should I convert the hard drive back again in, and get a various one, where the manufacturer facilitates this format. Can be what Seagate says correct?

I simply got two West Digital 3TB exterior hard-drives. I desire to become capable to use them on both Mac PC. When i go to fórmat it ón my Mac pc, FAT32 can be not really an option, and every period i try exFAT i furthermore obtain an “error: Invalid Option”. I then attempted to do this on two additional Apple computers it nevertheless wouldn't function, but then I tried it on á work-mate't Mac today it formatted in exFAT good How volatile can be exFAT?

I wear't need to shed the media i shop on this drive. I wear't thoughts formatting it in FAT32, but it's not really an option when attempting to fórmat this hard-drivé.

Any recommendations? Will be there a free of charge formatting program that will be good to make use of instead of using the “Drive Utility” on Mac pc.? I have got an IMAC operating OSX 10.7.5 I recently bought a Trekstor DataStation pocket lighting 500 GB external transportable hard drive 2.5″ I need it to move 190 Gigabyte of movie and audio documents to give to an editor.

I obtained it and a small paper inside mentioned it's not suitable with my IMAC. Just to Read through documents. I'michael not sure what program the editor will make use of and after reading through all the feedback above, I'meters really cautious to re-format the disc before relocating the files onto.

Now the documents are on another TrekStor external drive that the cameras guy lent me. I feel not extremely specialized and don't want to screw anything up. Can anyone help? I perform wish you can assist me with this I had been making use of my siblings Mac in the short term and before providing it back again to her I duplicated all my files onto a browse drive. Tonight I copied those documents to the hárd drive óf my Personal computer laptop computer and removed them from the thumb drive. For whatever reason I have always been attempting to open a several of the data files in a particular program, but it maintains informing me that the document I feel attempting to access is not supported. Somebody described that probably it provides something to perform with the browse drive.

I possess no idea what to perform and I feel praying that l didn't get rid of any of my data files. Thanks therefore significantly!! I've study too numerous content from individuals getting all types of complications making use of exFAT to consider making use of it.

Probably one day, but for today, “not ready for leading period!”. The greatest alternative I found was: 1. Format your hard drive, or every partition on it, making use of NTSF.

Autocad 2013 crack free download mac. You'll finish up with á drive that is certainly: - Steady, so your data is fairly secure (priority #1) - Able of managing large documents - Readable/writable in Get 7+ - But just readable in Mac OS X 2. Create the NTSF drive both understandable and writable in Mac OS Times.

There are different ways to do that. Method 1: Mac OS Back button is actually capable of composing to a NTSF drive, simply not by default (don't request!). So you require to initialize it: 1. Go to “utilities” and start the “terminal” app. (get into your password if motivated) 2.

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Kind (copy/paste): sudo nanó /etc/fstab Push “return” Kind: LABEL=TEST none ntfs rw,car,nobrowse Press “come back”, CTRL+O to conserve, CTRL+A to quit the airport. Unmount your drive, then connect it back again in. It won't show up any more. Back again in the airport, kind: open /Volumes press “return” Thére's yóur NTSF drive! Now you can perform whatever you wish with it in Macintosh OS Times.

(tip: produce an alias of the quantities so you put on't possess to go back again to the terminal every period) Another free method: “EaseUS ALL-lN-ONE Partition Manager” software program I've not really attempted it myseIf, but I'vé only heard great stuff about it. Yóu can downIoad it here:.

Create certain to download the “free for home user” version. The other methods include making use of 3rm party motorists such as: Paragón NTFS or Tuxéra NTFS.

They're not free, but they received't break the loan company. I wish this helps. Say thanks to you so much for this simple to stick to and recognize explanation. I have got OS Back button 10.7.5 running Lion. Bought the new Passport 1T today and also though the bundle says it can run on Mac pc OS Back button, when I attempted to format with the corporation guidelines it wouldn'capital t allow me and mentioned “It will only run on 10.8 or above”.

I looked at my old passport in Resources and it has been formatted as NTFS (Macintosh Operating-system Extended) and desired to adhere to the specific same since my old Passport provides been superb for my needs. I formatted the new Passpórt with NTFS ánd it works like a charm. Really value how you explained everything in basic terms, so not just had been I able to perform the format, I furthermore realize what I feel performing and why. I can now pull and fall documents on to the brand-new passport and they copy fast.

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I have got a Lacie d2 Quadra 1tn External Hard Push. I got it for yrs on a Mac pc. But regrettably it bit the dust and I chose to obtain a Computer. Today either because of period, corruption or because it may possess become formatted for a Mac pc when I plug it into my Computer I cant access it. I can discover it under Gadget Manager and Cd disk Management but thát's it. But the Computer does observe the shortcut switch when I plug it in I obtain a notice stating it views it. So I have got come right here to this area of vivid people to seek assistance.

I understand very little about reformatting (feasible nothing) so I wear't wish to clutter it up. So here are usually my two question: 1. After reformatting will I obtain all of the 1tb of space I had just before? How do I do it. I would like to thank everyone for their help.


The LaCie external hard drive is a fabulous selection for a storage drive for Macintosh. The enough area it provides is greatest for accumulating plenty of pictures, movies, and movies safely. However, like all data storage devices, the LaCie exterior hard drive can be also prone to information loss, gadget not increasing, and additional issues connected with an exterior hard drive.

If you encounter a data loss tragedy, you do not have to stress, as the data is quickly recoverable with the assist of the options supplied in this blog page. Causes of Data Loss in LaCie Exterior Hard Travel Exterior hard forces are extremely vulnerable to data corruption and several hard pushes fail each time globally. The LaCie exterior hard drive can be a mechanised gadget with elaborate parts and therefore can fail. Some of the factors that prospect to hard drive crime and data reduction are:. Partition map corruption. Damaged directory construction. Accidental file deletion.

Wrong disk format. Abrupt ejection. Reduction of reasonable partition(beds) Recuperation of Data files from LaCie on Mac Safety of the data should become the concern while selecting a information recovery software.

Is definitely a highly reliable and intuitive data recovery software program. It is certainly compatible with LaCie exterior hard drive and macOS Higher Sierra (APFS); the software runs smoothly on all Macs and can recuperate data not simply from LaCie but hundreds of various other exterior hard drive brand names.

If you are using LaCie for the Time Machine backup and take place to remove the backup, this software will recover it for you. This information recovery software program also recovers from éncrypted, formatted, and terribly damaged hard drive. Stick to the tips mentioned below to get data from LaCie exterior hard drive:. Download, Install Work Stellar Mac pc Data Recuperation Professional. When at the interface, select Recover Everything, Or Customize Your Check and click Next. Notice: Customizing the scan will create the encoding procedure and recovery faster. Choose the LaCie exterior hard drive fróm the Select Place user interface and click Scan.

Note: The interface provides a Heavy Scan feature that allows you to perform a comprehensive scan of the drivé. Toggle-ón this choice in circumstances when the LaCie exterior hard drive will be formatted or damaged.

The time taken by the Deep Scan is dependent on the dimension and problem of the LaCié hard drive. Yóu can toggle-ón the critique option at the right corner of the interface to look at files during the scan. Click on ‘Alright' when the check completed effectively. Double-click a document to preview before recuperation. Choose all the data to recuperate and click on the Recover button. Choose another location to conserve the file and click Save.

Notice: Choose a destination additional than the LaCie external hard drive. Furthermore you require to sign-up the software program before conserving the data. Prevention of Information Reduction in LaCie External Hard Commute Data is rapidly getting the most valuable resource whether it is a photo, document, video clip, etc. Thus, you must consciously get preventive steps to safeguard the LaCie external hard drive and the information contained therein.

Beneath are the actions to guard data from corruption:. Avóid disconnecting the drivé suddenly. Maintain the drive clean and dust-free. Put on't link the LaCie external hard drive to an hard to rely on Mac.

Format Lacie Hard Drive Mac

Use a rise protector. Don't maintain liquids close to the drive. Maintain a data recovery software Conclusion The blog page notifies you on how to recover your dropped data from the LaCie exterior hard drive making use of a macOS. It features the leads to of information loss and the preventive procedures you require to embrace to avoid future data reduction. We possess also released Stellar Mac pc Data Recuperation software program that will be the perfect friend for data recuperation from your external hard memory sticks. Noticeably, the software is compatible with HFS, HFS+, Body fat, ex-FAT, ánd APFS formatted exterior hard runs.

I have a Lacie d2 Quadra 1tt External Hard Travel. I had it for decades on a Macintosh. But however it bit the dust and I chose to get a Personal computer. Now either because of time, corruption or because it may have been formatted for a Mac when I connect it into my PC I cant gain access to it. I can discover it under Gadget Supervisor and Drive Administration but thát's it.

But the PC does find the shortcut button when I connect it in I get a see saying it sees it. So I have come right here to this area of shiny individuals to look for guidance. I know quite little about reformatting (possible nothing) so I don't would like to clutter it upward. So right here are my two query: 1. After reformatting will I obtain all of the 1tm of room I experienced just before?

How perform I do it. I would like to thank everyone for their help.