Logitech Rumblepad 2 Wireless Gamepad Driver For Mac


Unlike video game consoles, where one specific controller is the officially designated model, the PC gives you many controllers from which to choose, such as the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2. As evident in its name, the Cordless Rumblepad 2 offers not only vibration technology but is also wireless.

Unlike video game consoles, where one specific controller is the officially designated model, the PC gives you many controllers from which to choose, such as the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2. As evident in its name, the Cordless Rumblepad 2 offers not only vibration technology but is also wireless. Dec 05, 2008  Question: Q: Logitech Rumblepad 2. Just go to Logitech's website and see if they offer Mac drivers. If they do, then it probably works. If they don't, then you're out of luck. You would think so, but the gamepad and the keyboard are different hardwire devices. In my experience with the Rumblepad 2 and USB Overdrive, games that didn't.

Here is definitely a man who's found out how to get the Y710 to work on Macintosh. FYI Mangolassi needs some kind of quoting feature. Darwinmac August 26, 2011 6:45 PM Re also: Using a Logitech Game Controller Y310 in response to trickytye In situation anyone stumbles upon this twine, I do get my Logitech F710 to work on my iMac. Nevertheless, it wasn't easy.

Very first of all, easy changing the switch to 'D' wasn'capital t plenty of. When I looked at Program Details, it nevertheless said it was a Logitech Y710 gamepad. That earned't function since thére isn't án XInput driver fór the Mac that functions with the F710 as significantly as I know. System Info demands to show it as á 'Logitech Cordless RumbIepad 2' in purchase for it to function on the Macintosh. In my situation, I needed to deactivate USB 2 support in VMWare Fusion. Otherwise, Blend has been intercepting the switch in USB device Identity and wasn'testosterone levels transferring it along to the Mac pc.

Primarily, I acquired to begin up Fusion and change the N710 under Home windows in purchase for the shift to become reflected on the Mac. I had been finally capable to get this to work without beginning up Home windows. To do this, I acquired to perform the adhering to issues in this order: 1. Switch the Y710 to 'Deb' (DirectInput) mode 2. Get rid of the nano USB recipient from my iMac 3.

Eliminate one battery from the Y710 4. Re-insert the nano USB receiver into the iMác 5. Re-insert the electric battery into the F710 When you appear at Program Information right now, the device should be demonstrated as 'Logitech CordIess RumblePad 2'.

That gadget will work with the Mac. If your sport uses HID Supervisor, then you won't need to do anything else in order for your gamepad to function. If your game doesn't support HID Supervisor, then you'll want a plan like Carvware's Gamepad Friend or USB Overdrive in order to chart the control keys, hatswitch, or analog sticks to keystrokes. Regrettably, if you close your Mac straight down at night time like I do, you'll have got to proceed through the same ways to reattach the N710 to the Mac pc. Unfortunately, the default mode on the Y710 is the XInput mode which doesn't function on the Macintosh. It gained't issue if you leave the N710 in 'N' setting.

I purchased a Cordless RumbIePad 2 from a dealer that still acquired it in stock. I have a sensation that's whát I'll use in the potential future since that will be a great deal simpler. I feel assuming the F310 would become the same way since all óf these Logitech controIlers have got the XInput and DirectInput settings constructed into one gamépad. That may end up being excellent for Home windows users, but it can make it a pain to make use of it on a Mac pc.

If your controller is not really operating.Some quick troubleshooting issues to attempt first:. Do you have got any additional controllers connected in? Occasionally different controllers don't have fun with nicely with each other.

Try unplugging all some other controllers. Xbox 360 controllers are really bad about keeping other controllers from becoming known unless the 360 control(s) is definitely plugged in final. Are there multiple modes (age.g., Chemical vs A on a Logitech control or Personal computer vs WiiU on a Mayflash adapter)?. Try both beginning the sport humor the controller plugged in and try out plugging the controller in after the sport has already been launched. If you're also making use of an adapter produced to manage several controllers, it's most likely just one of the slots functions (I'meters looking at you, Mayflash).

Be certain to try out each interface. If you're also on Home windows, have you tried using x360ce? If not, scroll down a little little bit to discover guidelines.

If you're also attempting to obtain several PS4 controllers to function on Computer, you'll want to download ds4home windows.com. If your control is still not functioning.and will be not really one of the ones listed beneath, please email with the following details (please do not really e-mail me before attempting the over troubleshooting):. A link to the precise control you're also making use of (ideally 1 where it can end up being bought).

If you're also making use of an adapter, a link to that, too. When you try out to make use of it, are nothing of the advices enrolling or are usually you getting incorrect inputs?

If nothing are signing up, we can move about incorporating assistance for it with your help. If the advices are incorrect, we can do our best number out what's heading on, but assistance may not be feasible at this period. Are you on Macintosh or Personal computer?. If there are multiple versions of your control (i.elizabeth., one for Xbox and one for PS3), which edition are you making use of?.

Will your controller show up in the customize controls screen? If therefore, i.imgur.com Take note that this screen will send to your buttons as if you're also making use of an Xbox 360 controller regardless of what you're in fact using. Anticipate a reply (with additional guidelines for controllers that aren'testosterone levels signing up at all) within 1-2 company days. Getting back button360ce to Function (Home windows). If you're also trying times360ce because the video game currently identifies your controller as the wrong type of controller and the buttons are usually all blended upward, it might be best to very first move into the controls menus and i.imgur.com that it considers you're also using. This step is not always necessary, but it sounds like sometimes it is definitely.

If you've already tried a360ce and are now arriving back to attempting this, become sure to remove all 'a360ce' and 'xinput' data files from your Brawlhalla website directory very first. Download the executable from www.x360ce.com. 32-little bit should be good. Unzip the download and duplicate x360ce.exe into the same folder as Brawlhalla.exe. Instance directory path: G: System Files (times86) Steam SteamApps typical Brawlhalla.

Run times360ce.exe. It may talk to you for permission to produce a filed called 'xinput13.dll'. This is certainly fine. Let it make it. Move to the i actually.imgur.com tabs. Select Brawlhalla.exe and modify the XInput document to 32-touch 9.1 like i.imgur.com. Unselecting the default option may trigger a360ce to wreck.

Just let it stop and then reopen it. Some users have documented that these configurations did not really function, but others do. This is definitely what proved helpful for me, but you may require to just fiddle with it. I got another consumer statement that his didn'capital t function until he acquired all of the 32-bit options selected. Right now you should end up being good to proceed.

Special thanks to Costy for figuring out the setting. If you are making use of a Mayflash adapter for GameCube controllers, you possess to use back button360ce if you wish multiple controllers to work. You will also probably possess to upgrade a several of the buttons because the default settings might not be correct. You perform not require to have got times360ce.exe running when you launch Brawlhalla. Obtaining the Vapor Control to Work Like an Xbox 360 Control in WindowsWe simply recently got our fingers on the brand-new Steam control and strategy on including native support for it, but in the meantime, right here's how you can obtain it to work like an Xbox 360 controller:.

Go into i.imgur.com. Move to your Library and select Brawlhalla. Choose 'Manage Video game'. Choose 'Configure Controller'.

Select 'Search Configs'. Select 'Recommended'. Select 'Gamepad With Camcorder Settings'.

Choose 'Done' Your control will right now display up in-game as an Xbox 360 controller. The remaining pad will act like a dpad, and you can swipe the correct mattress pad to taunt. You can rebind the other control keys in-game the same way you would a 360 controller. General Information on Supported Control Lists.

Logitech Wireless Gamepad Driver

'Verified' indicates I possess personally examined it. 'Documented' means that that somebody has claimed it functions, but we haven't examined it personally. It appears like any wired 3rd celebration (e.gary the gadget guy. PDP, etc) controller for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One will function.

I will maintain this checklist updated as we add support. Notice that different controllers do not always work jointly, but sometimes it will assist if you plug one or more of them in after introducing the video game. If a control is outlined below and is usually not working for you, create sure you try it with no additional controllers connected in. Windows (Verified). Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller. smile.amazon.com. Microsoft Xbox 360 Cellular Controller w/ www.amazon.com, www.microsoft.com, the support.xbox.com, and answers.microsoft.com.

Microsoft Xbox One Controller. Requires micro-USB cable connection and www.microsoft.com. www.amazon.com. Nyko Primary Wired Controller for PS3. smile.amazon.com adapters:.

www.amazon.com Only supports one controller per adapter (stick to guidelines for a360ce to allow a second control). www.gamestop.com making use of m4sv.com (getting problems). www.amazon.com. www.mayflash.com. Only facilitates one control per adapter (stick to guidelines for a360ce to obtain multiple controllers operating). Sony PS3 Control (You can connect the controller making use of a bluetooth adapter or plug it in with the USB charger cable):. github.com appears to end up being the preferred plan in the community ( github.com will be a link to the latest discharge).

It will just create your controllers false X-Input (Xbox 360 controller); simply be certain to.not. set up the bluetooth motorists b/c it will (probably) overwrite your program's default bluetooth driver. And are usually helpful for obtaining it established up correctly.

I also got it working by using www.motioninjoy.com ( www.motioninjoy.com) using the we.imgur.com mode. If the stays aren't working, switch to the we.imgur.com mode. Several users have documented having issues with MotionInJoy (like it leading to their personal computer to accident), so I put on't really recommend it. You can also try forums.pcsx2.internet instead. Logitech Y310 (both 'A' and 'M' modes). grin.amazon.com. smile.amazon.com.

www.amazon.com. Does not help taunting or seeing player names. Pound/L1 is start/pause.

Sony Playstation 2 control with grin.amazon.com. Does not support joysticks or taunting. Just one control per adapter. grin.amazon.com. Sony PS4 control.

If you desire several controllers to function, you require ds4windows.com. You can possibly connect it in with a mini-USB cable or make use of Sony's i9000 smile.amazon.com. grin.amazon.com. Does not support taunting. grin.amazon.com. Will not support taunting.

You can sort of make use of the smile.amazon.com controller. You have got to move into the custom made bindings and very first make sure 'Find Up with Light Attack' will be on. After that customize your settings and set 'Push up to jump' on and chart A to Fast Strike and W to Large Attack. You received't end up being able to avoid, toss weapons, or taunt. Windows (Reported). www.amazon.com.

www.gamestop.com. Microsoft Cellular Xbox 360 Control with www.amazon.com. Nvidia Guard.


Razer Sabertooth. Mad Catz MW2 Copy. GameStop Sent Xbox 360-BB-070. Dualshock 4 making use of DS4Windows.

Logitech F510. Logitech F710. Logitech Dual Actions.

Logitech ChillStream. PDP Battlefield 4 Wired Controller for PS3.

Mad Catz Fightstick Tournament Edition 2. www.submarino.com.br. grin.amazon.com/ amazon.com, hooking up www.instructables.com but making use of ledyba.org or www.acteck.com.

www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. Triggers and D-pad not really backed. Logitech Chillstream. acteck.com.mx. D-pad not really supported. Whatever www.priceminister.com is.

www.netway.com.es. hori.jp. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. D-pad not really backed.

www.gamestop.com using the www.amazon.com. eightarc.com.

www.amazon.com (and V3). www.amazon.com. 1-daily life.european union. D-pad not really supported. i.imgur.com. www.gioteck.com.

www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. Will not help taunting.

www.arcadeworlduk.com. PS2 control with www.amazon.de or www.amazon.co.jp adpaters. foosa.do.feel. www.amazon.com. www.xin-mo.com. www.hitboxarcade.com.

www.hori.jp. www.amazon.de. www.speedlink.com. www.amazon.com. Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 3.

Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1. www.gamestop.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com Can'capital t pause, show titles, or taunt. www.gamestop.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com.

No taunt assistance. Serioux Phantom 3000W PC/PS3 wireless controler. giga-tech.eu. www.puolenkuunpelit.com. www.lesnumeriques.com. www.s-box.biz. www.amazon.co.uk.

www.walmart.com. www.pcbox.com. www.pcgarage.ro.

natec-zone.com. www.amazon.de. www.hama.com.

www.trust.com. www.worten.pt. www.amazon.com w/ www.ebay.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. Open source ncms alternatives for mac. www.banggood.com. www.amazon.com.

www.amazon.co.uk. GameCube control with www.raphnet-tech.com. grin.amazon.com. www.bol.com. Smart mobile phones and capsules making use of www.monect.com.

specsen.com. ThunderStrike Speedlink SL-6542. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com.

Saitek PS1000. www.amazon.com.

www.8bitdo.com. Mac (Confirmed). Microsoft Xbox 360 Born Control. Requires tattiebogle.net. Caution: TattieBogle not really entirely suggested. Can create the video game sense unresponsive (fast switch taps can get missed), and can be almost unplayable with several controllers. Microsoft Xbox 360 Cellular Controller w/ www.amazon.com.

Possibly demands TattieBogle. Logitech F310 ('M' setting). www.amazon.com. Playstation 3 Controller www.mactrast.com. grin.amazon.com. Xbox One Controller (may or may not require TattieBogle).

Sony Playstation 4 control (simply connect it in with the charger wire and it's great to move). Mac (Reported). www.amazon.com with TattieBogle. Logitech Y510. Logitech Y710. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller using github.com for Operating-system Times 10.10 Yosemite. www.amazon.com.

GameCube controller using the www.mayflash.com. Just facilitates one controller per adapter unless you use github.com. grin.amazon.com.

Taunts not really backed. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.com. www.amazon.de. www.amazon.com.

www.amazon.com. Professional barcode labeling software for mac. Nintendo Wii U Professional Controller. smile.amazon.com. www.8bitdo.com.

In situation anyone stumbles upon this line, I do get my Logitech F710 to work on my iMac. Nevertheless, it wasn't simple. Very first of all, simple altering the switch to 'N' wasn't sufficiently.

When I looked at System Info, it nevertheless said it has been a Logitech N710 gamepad. That won't work since thére isn't án XInput driver fór the Macintosh that functions with the N710 mainly because considerably as I understand. System Information demands to display it as á 'Logitech Cordless RumbIepad 2' in order for it to function on the Mac pc. In my situation, I needed to disable USB 2 support in VMWare Blend. Otherwise, Blend had been intercepting the modification in USB device Identification and wasn't passing it along to the Mac.

In the beginning, I acquired to begin up Fusion and change the F710 under Home windows in order for the switch to become shown on the Macintosh. I had been finally able to get this to function without starting up Windows. To do this, I acquired to perform the right after points in this order: 1. Modification the F710 to 'G' (DirectInput) mode 2.

Eliminate the nano USB recipient from my iMac 3. Remove one electric battery from the F710 4. Re-insert the nano USB recipient into the iMác 5. Re-insert the battery pack into the Y710 When you look at Program Information now, the device should be proven as 'Logitech CordIess RumblePad 2'. That device will work with the Mac pc. If your video game uses HID Manager, after that you won't want to do anything else in order for your gamepad to work. If your sport doesn't support HID Supervisor, then you'll need a program like Carvware'h Gamepad Companion or USB Overdrive in purchase to chart the buttons, hatswitch, or analog sticks to keystrokes.

Sadly, if you close your Mac down at evening like I do, you'll have to go through the exact same ways to reattach the N710 to the Mac. Sadly, the default mode on the Y710 can be the XInput mode which doesn't work on the Mac pc. It received't issue if you keep the F710 in 'D' setting. I purchased a Cordless RumbIePad 2 from a retailer that still had it in share. I have got a sensation that's whát I'll make use of in the future since that will end up being a great deal simpler.

I feel presuming the F310 would be the exact same way since all óf these Logitech controIlers have the XInput and DirectInput modes built into one gamépad. That may end up being great for Windows users, but it can make it a discomfort to use it on a Mac. Unfortunately, I do not have got any video products to display this. Nevertheless, let me try out to shorten the description by departing out the specialized details. I perform not know if the corded versions (f310, f510) work at all on a Mac. I possess never owned either model.

Here is usually how you get the F710 to work on the Mac. Move the switch over to 'Chemical' on the Y710. Remove the mini USB receiver from the back of your Mac pc. Get rid of one battery pack from the N710 while still leaving the small USB recipient unplugged from your Macintosh.

Re-insert the USB receiver into the back again of your Mac. Re-insert the battery into the Y710 Your gamepad should today work on the Mac pc.

However, if you shut off your Mac each evening like I perform, you'll have got to proceed through the same methods each period you would like to use your gamepad. I discovered it less difficult to just discover a place that sold the older Cordless Rumblepad 2 online. That way, I just connected in the USB receiver into the back again of my iMac, placed the batteries and everything proved helpful. That will be what I would recommend. It can be possible that Logitech offers transformed something in the Y710 so that newer variations will not work.

I really do not know. As considerably as Gamepad Friend is worried, if your gamepad is usually regarded by it, you just remap the keys to the gamepad buttons or hatswitch. I do not have any of the games you described so I cannot assist you configure those video games.Gamepad Companion is useful when you have a video game that does not have got built-in gamepad support.

However, going to Carvware'h website is the greatest place to get that information. Apple company Footer. This site includes user submitted content, remarks and views and is usually for educational purposes only. Apple may offer or suggest reactions as a achievable solution centered on the info provided; every possible issue may involve several aspects not detailed in the conversations captured in an digital community forum and Apple company can thus offer no promise as to the efficiency of any proposed solutions on the community forums. Apple company disclaims any and all liability for the functions, omissions and conduct of any third events in connection with or associated to your use of the site.

All posts and use of the articles on this web site are subject matter to the.

Appear ma, no cables! I'll become the first to confess that for most of the games I enjoy, the keyboard and a good multi-button mouse are all I need.

But there are some game titles, especially ones ported from units, that actually play better if you possess a gamepad in hands. Between Bluetooth'h proliferation and the increase of cord-less mice, though, I've gotten used to getting untethered fróm my controllers, ánd that's i9000 where Logitech's i9000 $40 Cordless Rumblepad 2 ( ) arrives into play. Building on the success of their initial Cordless Rumblepad, Logitech has constructed its successor with a more rounded shape that's really evocative of Sony'h Dual Shock Analog Controller. That's a good form to proceed with, and the key layout is usually very comparable, so it's immediately comfortable to anyone with knowledge with Sony'beds device. Logitech's Cordless Rumblepad connects to your Mac pc using a sent USB wireless recipient that can sit down unobtrusively atop ór alongside your Mac.

Operating at 2.4GHz, the RF-based control works up to 30 ft apart from the personal computer and can be driven by twó AA batteries thát final for upward to 100 hrs. This is certainly an improvement over the first, which used four - not only is certainly it fewer batteries to replace, but the control weighs less, too. It'd end up being wonderful to observe Logitech add a getting bottom for a upcoming design, as it will with its cordless mice. Under the cover, the Cordless Rumblepad 2 features dual vibration feedback motors. The push feedback engine is definitely TouchSense technology licensed from Immersion Corp., which offers been backed on the Mac pc since the days of Mac pc OS Back button v10.2.

Regrettably, this can be only partially useful on the Macintosh, as few games assistance force opinions. (There isn't a get better at list of the ones that perform either, alas - but I'michael working on that.) AIl in all, thé Logitech Cordless RumbIepad 2 will be a massive enhancement over its predecessor.

Its slightly more curved feel is certainly more comfortable, and the analog sticks especially feel great under your thumbs compared to the spindly, concave stays found on the authentic. Battery lifetime is better, from what I could inform. Logitech consists of programmable software for Home windows only, alas, therefore in purchase to make use of the gadget with your Mac OS Times games, the software will need to help HID Supervisor. You can furthermore include a third-party application like USB Overdrive to program the control to work with games other than those that assistance HID Supervisor directly, but that wiIl incur an extra expense. Logitech should take a cue from Nyko't AirFlo EX controller, and roll its own Mac OS X-native answer to help Mac pc gamers obtain the nearly all of this control. Bottom range: The Cordless Rumblepad 2 arrive slashes the wires and the clutter and will be a comfy fit; too poor it doesn't have got programmable software program.

For more game information and information, please check out Macworld'h.