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I've long been making use of a Microsoft kéyboard with my Macintosh for quite awhile. I simply like how the keys feel much better than the key boards supplied by Apple company. In fact, I'm dreading the day time the Windows keyboard halts working and I possess to discover another. This model of the keyboard hasn't been made in yrs. I imagine I'll verify out Microsoft, Logitech, and actually Apple offerings.

Likewise, the Windows keyboard's Alt key is where you expect to find the Mac's Command key. If you're used to using the modifier keys from your old Mac keyboard, you're likely to run into trouble for a while as you relearn the key locations. Download Steelseries Keyboard & Mouse drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. Mac the pitbull store. Mechanical Keyboard Parts and DIY Pieces. Dollar (USD) Free U.S. Mechanical Keyboard Parts and DIY Pieces. Refine Search. Bluetooth Keyboard, Arteck Stainless Steel Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS iPad Air, Pro, iPad Mini, Android, MacOS, Windows Tablets PC Smartphone Built in Rechargeable Battery.

The point is certainly you're not really compelled to use an Apple company keyboard unless you wish to; any born USB keyboard, or, will function fine with a Mac pc. In reality, Apple actually markets the Mac Small without a keyboard or, enabling customers to supply their personal.

There's just one little problem with using a non-Apple keyboard: foreseeing out some óf the keyboard equivaIents. There are usually at least five tips that may have got different names or icons on a Home windows keyboard than they perform on a Macintosh keyboard, which can create it difficult to stick to Mac-related directions. As soon as you know the keyboard equivaIents, you can use them to manage various Mac functions, including using.

Another helpful little bit of details for brand-new Mac users is to understand which menus key icons correspond to which secrets on the keyboard. The icons utilized in the Macintosh selections can be a little bit strange to those fresh to the Macintosh, as nicely as older hands who may become more mousers than keyboard customers. Say Hello to Your Mac's Key pad Modifier Keys, will clarify the emblems and how they map to your keyboard. The Order and Choice Key Change The last little bit of trouble you may operate into depends on which platform you had been using before you began using a Windows keyboard with your Mac. This issue is certainly one of little finger memory space. Besides Windows and Macintosh keyboards having slightly different titles, they also change the opportunities of two often-used modifier secrets: the Order and Choice secrets. If you're a long-time Mac consumer transitioning to a Windows keyboard, the Windows key, which is usually equal to the Mac's Command key, uses up the actual physical placement of the Option essential on a Mac pc keyboard.

Furthermore, the Windows keyboard's Alt essential is certainly where you expect to find the Mac's Command key. If you're also used to making use of the changer tips from your previous Mac pc keyboard, you're likely to run into trouble for a while as you relearn the essential locations. Rather of getting to relearn key places, you can use the Keyboard choice pane to reassign the changer keys, permitting you to keep the fingering skills you currently possess. Start by hitting its, or selecting System Preferences from the Apple menus. In the Program Preferences home window that opens, select the Keyboard preference pane. Click on the Modifier Keys switch. Make use of the pop-up menus next to the Option and Command tips to select the actions you want the changer secrets to perform.

In this instance, you desire the Choice essential (the Alt key on a Windows keyboard) to perform the Command action, and the Order key (the Windows key on a Windows keyboard) to perform the Choice action. Put on't be concerned if this seems a little bit confusing; it will create more sense when you find the dropdown pane in entrance of you. Also, if things get a bit mixed up, you can simply click on the Restore Defaults switch to put everything back again the method it had been. Make your modifications and click on the Fine key. You can near the Program Choices.

With the modifier key change issue resolved, you shouldn't have got any difficulties using any Windows keyboard with your Mac pc. Keyboard Cutting corners Those fresh to the Mac but make use of to using keyboard cutting corners to rate up their workflow may be a little takén aback by thé notation used in the Mac's menus program to suggest when a keyboard shortcut can be obtainable.​ If a keyboard shortcut is available for a menu product, the shortcut will end up being displayed next to the menus item making use of the following notation:​ Key pad Shortcut Notation Menu Item Notation Key ⌃​ Handle ⌥​ Choice ⌘​ Control ⌫​ Delete ⏎​​​ Come back or Enter ⇧​ Shift.

Keyboards are usually important - therefore essential that several people won't “function” on their iPads without genuine secrets to kind on. No a single lamented when desktop mice offered method to laptop tráckpads, or when tráckpads progressed into pill touchscreens, but the change from bodily to virtual keyboards offers been fulfilled with a lot of level of resistance specifically because virtual keyboards offer no opposition. There's i9000 something about the reactive, up and down motion of actual keys, known as “travel,” that people clearly prefer over tapping on completely flat cup. I've examined a lot of key boards, and since I rely upon them expertly every day time, I have some solid views as to the best options for various sorts of Mac and iPad customers. You might be amazed by my guidance, as it cash a couple of Apple's trends (“smaller!” “leaner!”), but if you're also like me, you'll be a significantly happier typist if you “think different” on this topic than the people in Cupertino Are You Better Off With A Sent Or Cellular Keyboard? Over the past five years, wireless key-boards have become the default selection for both Macintosh and iPad customers.

Apple's 2010-classic never got off, whiIe third-party iPád Bluetooth keyboards fIourished. On the Macintosh side, Apple company made its $69 Bluetooth-based the standard pack-in fór iMacs in late 2009, bringing its desktop computer computers and MacBook laptop computers into balance with almost identical designs. As you can see above, the Wireless and MacBook key boards are so identical (except for key colour) that you can shift from one to the other without any effort. Whether you're using an iPad or a Macintosh, the Apple company Wireless Keyboard is a great keyboard. But it will have got one major concern, which is certainly particularly annoying if you're also using it all day very long with your function personal computer. That'beds battery lifetime.

The present version of the Wireless Keyboard demands two AA battéries, down from thrée in the original design. But even if you're using the standard with Apple-branded standard rechargeable batteries, you can expect to observe the “Keyboard Batteries Low” caution pop upward on your display often, getting even more frequent as the batteries age. No third-party solution (like Mobee'h well-intentioned and ) really repairs this problem; the best workaround I've found out is certainly Mobee's i9000 (shown below), which lets you completely connect a micro-USB wire to the Cellular Keyboard for strength. It't not perfect, but it worked well for me for a while. My first item of tips is to significantly consider how you program to make use of your Mac pc's or iPad't keyboard.

AIRA Modular Customizer is dedicated software for customizing BITRAZER, DEMORA, TORCIDO, and SCOOPER. AIRA Modular Driver Ver.1.0.1 for Windows 10 This contains information on the AIRA Modular (BITRAZER / DEMORA / TORCIDO / SCOOPER) driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. Aira modular customizer ver.1.50 for mac. Open the 'Applications' - 'Roland' folder, and double-click the AIRA MODULAR CUSTOMIZER icon. Manual Startup For detailed information about the AIRA Modular Customizer, after startup, click [ System Menu ], then AIRA Modular Customizer, and view the manual ( in PDF format ). AIRA Modular Customizer Ver.1.50 for Windows AIRA Modular Customizer is dedicated software for customizing BITRAZER, DEMORA, TORCIDO, and SCOOPER. Update history. Roland India Fan Page. Stay up to date with Roland news, artists, promotions, events, and more. AIRA Modular Customizer Ver.1.50 for Mac.

If it's i9000 heading to end up being seated on the same table all the time, and used with the exact same Apple gadget - especially a Mac pc - you may nicely be better off with a sent keyboard that doesn't require batteries and doesn't skimp your entering comfort in any method. But if you plan to shift your keyboard around a great deal, or actually hate getting a wire linked to your Mac pc or iPad, a portable cellular keyboard will probably become a better choice for you. Both forms of key-boards are talked about below. Wired Mac Key boards The Mac pc keyboard I personally use is something different: (above), which can presently be had for. Produced from a solid item of aluminum with plastic secrets, it's obviously wider than the Cellular Keyboard, but not as serious, and uses USB 2.0 rather than Bluetooth to link to your Mac.

The primary keys are in the exact same areas as the Cellular Key pad's, but the wired version gives the arrow tips more breathing space while incorporating dedicated page up, page lower, and various other buttons, almost all especially a complete numeric key pad. While I personally wear't use the additional keys all that frequently, the keypad is handy during taxes time of year and for making use of the Macintosh's Finance calculator app. The Sent Keyboard with Numeric Key pad is definitely the only USB keyboard Apple company currently makes. In 2009, it quickly launched a version without the numeric keypad that has been alternately known as the or thé (shown abové).

But it was oddly stopped very rapidly, disappearing from Apple company's lineup in late 2010, and is usually now just obtainable online at a fairly steep premium. Apple's Born Keyboards hide a helpful function underneath their keys: twin USB slots. There's oné on each side, and they can become used to connect particular USB add-ons as needed. However, the ports don't function correctly with iPhones ór iPads, which actually should become plugged directly into your Macintosh for charging. It't been yrs since I've depended upon keyboard-mounted USB ports for anything, but Apple's born keyboards possess integrated them for sent mice, flash turns, and other low-power peripherals.

Wireless Keyboard For Mac


This is usually how Apple company previously applied USB plug-ins in its, which considered around 2 pounds on its personal. The corporation hasn'testosterone levels offered a typing surface anyplace near as large or simply because heavy as this in several years, and is usually currently tests an also thinner keyboard with noticeably less important vacation in the. Discover how high the older keys utilized to become likened with the present types.

They utilized to be noisier and extremely tactile, responding with clear “plunk” seems as you pressed them. There are choices for customers who nevertheless prefer huge keybards with the deep, clicky secrets of yesterday. About Dieses Key-boards for Apple computers, which make use of keys designed to endure 50 million key strokes. The ($123-$137) consists of German-engineered mechanised key switches in your selection of colors (yes, seriously), with laser beam essential etching so the words resist removal, and a twó-port USB 2.0 centre is built in. An even-more high quality version known as ($170-$173) furthermore uses the fancy mechanical key changes, upping the bet with a twó-port USB 3.0 centre, a large volume button, and devoted media control control keys.

“Clicky” and “soft tactile” typing experiences are choices. Add-On Numéric Keypads If yóu need a part-time numeric keyboard, Newer Technology now offers a $55 (still left) that flawlessly matches the look of Apple company's Wireless Keyboard in whitened, with a black edition (center) that fits MacBook key boards instead.

Alternately, offers an for $20 (perfect) if you want a sent option that is usually a fairly close up but not quite ideal fit for Apple's key boards, at a lower cost. Wireless Key boards for Macintosh and iPad Although the aforementioned is certainly the least complicated Bluetooth option to recommend to Mac pc and iPad users, it's not really the best. That recognition is supposed to be to, which tackles every one of the Apple company keyboard's problems.

Battery drain isn't a problem, because it offers a rechargeable battery inside of, and can be refueled while you style using an incorporated micro-USB cable connection. The secrets are backlit like the ones in MacBook notebooks, so you can notice them in the dark. They're also incredibly comfortable to kind on, despite the reality that K811 is certainly thinner and less difficult to pack up for transportable use than the Apple company Wireless Keyboard. The great function can be observed above on the N1/F2/F3 tips.

E811 can become matched with three different devices, such as your Mac, iPad, and Apple Television, with buttons that allow you switch between thém in one ór two mere seconds. This function works extremely well, and the keyboard'h function tips have functions that are usually helpful across several Apple devices. While E811 isn't cheap - it has a - its lightweight aluminum top can make it experience like an Apple company product, and its excellent selection of functions makes it worth serious account for Macintosh and iPad customers alike. Contrast the E811 against the iPad mini-specific and iPad Air-specific key boards proven to the left in this picture; you can obtain a sense of how cramped cellular keyboards turn out to be when developers filter them to match the breadth of Apple's tablets. I have never tested an iPád mini-sized kéyboard that seems good more than enough to recommend over an Apple company Wireless Keyboard, so my recommendation for small users is certainly simple: get a independent wireless keyboard like as one of the options pointed out above.

Likewise, only the very greatest of the iPád Air-sized keyboards are just wide enough to provide a typing expertise on par with Apple's key-boards. (shown at still left above, ) is certainly a great budget-priced choice for only $40, primarily because it is usually in fact a little widér than the iPád it holds, and doesn'capital t cramp its keyboard to accomplish unnecessary thinness. There are many some other options for iPads, such as the boxy aircraft dark keyboard above, which is certainly found inside the $50. But the compromise is almost generally the same: ring finger comfort - occasionally also lacking secrets - in order to accomplish a smaller size. A conspicuous recent lull in fresh third-party key-boards for iPads indicates that Apple company and third-party programmers are working on something fresh for discharge afterwards this calendar year. For now, the safest iPád model-agnostic alternative is usually to pair a with either Apple company's or Logitech'beds keyboard, offering you the advantage of an exceptional keyboard whenever you need it, and a thin, well-protected iPad the relaxation of the time. Wired Key boards for iPad The almost all unknown of all keyboards can be the iPad sent keyboard, a near-mythological beast that shuns BIuetooth ánd USB in favour of Apple's proprietary Lightning connector.

Apple company gave up on making wired key boards for the iPad after releasing the (above) in 2010. It wasn't well-known, perhaps because the inflexible plastic pier in the back made it awkward to bring around; following wired key boards haven't attempted to include integrated docks. Nowadays, Belkin sells a bass speaker-$60 option (above) called the, which will be very comparable in price and functions to not really particularly popular Lightning key-boards from. All of these keyboards are usually plasticky, not really particularly small, and no discount likened with also well-made cellular options. But if yóu can't make use of Bluetooth for some cause, need a keyboard that doesn't transmit whatever you're typing wirelessly, and don't desire to worry about swapping or recharging keyboard batteries, these are usually options.

I've never actually observed anyone else making use of one of them, but getting tested a number, I can verify that they do can be found and function as expected. Even Even more Great Choices Read more of my (and wear't forget about to click on Old Articles at the bottom level of the web page to see everything)! Writer, lawyer, and áward-winning restaurateur Jéremy Horwitz began his journalism profession in the earlier 1990's, covering video clip games as a freelance writer for many magazines before creating and running Ziff Dávis's Intelligent Gamér magazine. A graduate of Cornell Law College, he previously ran content for the Apple-centric site iLounge and created the historical iLounge Pavilion át CES before becoming a member of 9to5Macintosh and 9to5Toys as a Elderly Publisher. A lifelong consumer electronics professional and premium, he now focuses on the changing ways individuals work, perform, eat, and take a trip. His Spanish language cafe Aro Club de Tapas earned Ideal New Restaurant (Opened 2015-2016), Ideal Charcuterie, Ideal Craft Cocktails, and Best Desserts honours.

SteelSeries is well identified around Apple groups for its iOS and Apple company TV gaming controllers, but the organization has specialized in various other gaming-related hardware ventures simply because well, such as mice, headphones and key boards. After searching SteelSeries' web site to discover some information on its, I stumbled upon its keyboard series. Anyone that knows me knows that I have got a specific appreciation for mechanical key boards, and that's exactly what I discovered on the SteelSeries web site. The Danish equipment manufacturer's marquee mechanised keyboard, the, is usually not your ordinary mechanical keyboard.

It'h a fully customizable, gaming-centric expertise that lets you designate an overwhelming variety of features and colors to personal tips. While the Top M800 ships configured for Windows, it's fully suitable with the Mac, and even comes with OS X essential cap replacements. The Mechanics Alarms and whistles apart, the real typing experience trumps everything eIse when its comes along to mechanical keyboards. If a keyboard isn'testosterone levels any great from a typing perspective, then nothing at all else issues. Luckily, I can state that the SteelSeries Pinnacle M800 is usually a pleasure to kind on. It doesn't make use of the popular Cherry MX mechanical switches discovered in many of nowadays's popular keyboards; instead, it utilizes SteelSeries' own proprietary buttons. The Cherry MX dark brown switches are my favorite mechanical switches, and these sense very similar.

To become honest, it required some time for me to get utilized to keying on the Apex M800. That got much less to perform with the buttons, and even more to perform with the six devoted macro buttons found on the still left side of the framework. I have a slightly unorthodox typing design, and as a result, the existence of the macro keys put me off a little little bit. I thought out that by sleeping my pinky finger between the macro secrets and the sleep of the kéyboard, I could regain my natural typing place. After that, it has been company as usual and the typos started to fall off considerably. As I talked about, the keyboard goes feel very similar to the well-known Cherry MX brownish buttons. SteelSeries has utilized its own “QS1” changes which function a 3mm throw depth, and 1.5mmichael reset to zero and actuatión with no deadIine.

That might not indicate a great deal to anyone whó isn't actually into mechanical keyboards, but allow's simply state that the Apex M800 is definitely comfortable to type on and isn't too loud. The audio of the essential presses are very much like Cherry MX brown changes, which will be a good point.

It's certainly louder than keying in on the MacBook't chiclet kéyboard, but you'ré not really going to bother your family by the clicking sound of excessively loud fuses. Customization The SteelSeries Height Meters800 is usually a customizer's desire keyboard. It functions an crazy quantity of important binding customization, which allows you to reassign tips, give OS-level functions to specific keys, develop your personal macros, launch apps straight from a solitary keypress, and significantly, much more. SteelSeries' Engine 3 software, which is a necessity for designing the Pinnacle Meters800, can make it all possible. Not only can you personalize the functionality of each óf the six macrós on the kéyboard, but you cán furthermore personalize every key on the keyboard'beds surface. But customization doesn't halt with features.

The most noticeable point about this keyboard is definitely its assistance for personal essential RGB illumination. Yes, every one key (and actually the logo design) features its personal individual LED that sets right beneath the middle surface of the keycap. This provides the Top Meters800 a uniform appearance when it arrives to lighting. The exact same software used for assigning crucial bindings is used to configure essential illumination.

The knowledge of customizing the essential colors will be nearly like Phótoshop, in that yóu can copy, insert, and even use an eyedropper tool to pull attributes from various other secrets to give to another. You can choose and color individual keys, multiple keys at as soon as, and actually the SteelSeries logo design. You can then apply specific colors making use of a colour colour scheme, or by making use of hexadecimal values for even more exact coloration. Needless to say, you can get extremely creative with the extremely deep colour customization procedure afforded by SteelSeries Motor 3. But it doesn't end right now there. SteelSeries has included themes and results that can create the keyboard stand up out actually even more. For example, you can use a breathe effect to make it appear as if the keyboard is definitely alive as it changes through the gradient of colors that you give to it.

AIl of the settings, both important bindings and lighting, can become kept to designs and changed to on the fly. This will be helpful for building specific templates for the apps or games that you enjoy. You can actually use SteelSeries' CloudSync function to ensure your adjustments can shift fluidly between computers. Additional points of curiosity The SteelSeries Height Meters800 functions some considerate design choices. For one, the USB wire is usually braided for included strength and much less tangles. The keyboard furthermore consists of an area beneath it for redirecting cables underneath without causing needless interference. For those of you especially serious in its lighting effects, the M800 functions Brought accent light on its side for an even sleeker searching setup, specifically when using it in darkish environments.

The Top Michael800 will be big. It'beds about six in . wider than thé entire body óf a 15″ MacBook Pro, and less than three inches shorter. It's large too, at a Iittle over three lbs.

Coupled with the keyboard'beds braided cable, which can take up two USB slots on your Macintosh, it's not exactly a minimalistic setup. True, many people wear't buy mechanical wired keyboards because they're looking to end up being minimaIistic, but it's something to maintain in thoughts. Gripes The general build high quality of the Pinnacle Meters800 will be good, but I did would like to point out the key caps in specific.

I found the caps, which are usually removable by hands, to become a little lacking when compared to additional mechanical keyboards that I've tried in this cost range. Instead of using a tool for getting rid of the essential caps, you just pop them off by hand. The sound that's released as the caps take off didn'capital t specifically instill confidénce in mé with respect to develop quality. I did notice that over period, the popping sound released when getting rid of important caps wasn't as alarming. Maybe they simply need to end up being broken in.

To become apparent, the keys feel solid when set up on the goes, therefore this probably isn't a big offer for many. That said, it's something to become aware of if you plan on changing or rearranging key caps often. The keyboard itself will be all plastic material, albeit strong plastic material. At this price range, nevertheless, I wish that SteelSeries would possess utilized another materials on at minimum some of the keyboard'h surface. For example, a magnesium metal would possess felt even more justified at this cost range. Lastly, the addition of USB slots is good, but the ports are USB 2.0 only.

I earned't move as considerably as to content label USB 2.0 simply because useless, but it's not really precisely something I'm expect on a keyboard priced at almost $200. That significantly decreases the peripherals thát you might end up being ready to make use of with such a link. I'michael considering mice, bluetooth dongles, and not really much else. It'h not just for gamers The conclusion of the issue is usually that the Height Meters800 isn't simply for gamers. Although it had taken me a day or so of keying in to get fully utilized to it, I can say that I'm truly savoring the general typing expertise on this keyboard.

The most important matter about a mechanised keyboard is definitely without a doubt the switches and the way the key caps feel when interfacing with those changes. These aren't the popular Cherry MX changes, but SteelSeries' custom QS1 buttons create the Top M800 a satisfaction to type on.

Yes, this keyboard was primarily made with gaming in brain, but the customization component isn'testosterone levels just advantageous for gamers. I'meters getting that the key bindings while utilized in association with the specific LED color assignments, create for a pretty awesome encounter when making use of Macintosh apps like Last Cut Professional A and Reasoning Pro Times. I right now have dedicated macros with custom made key shades for recording voiceovers, creating compound videos, applying specific results, and even more. Also for day time to day functions like having screenshots, I find this keyboard'h devoted macro secrets and software program to become useful.

Accurate, not really everyone will like the idea of placing a enormous keyboard on their desk, but if you have the genuine estate and the appropriate use-case-scenarios, the will be certainly well worth considering.

You must own personal this to game on the AppleTV! The gaming on the AppleTV had been compelling sufficient for me to enhance. The remote control is amazing but it isn't ideal for intense video gaming. My initial game has been Rayman Adv The video gaming on the AppleTV had been compelling sufficient for me to update. The remote control is brilliant but it isn't ideal for intensive gaming. My very first game was Rayman Travels. It worked possibly with the remote.

As soon as I matched the Nimbus it took the sport to a whole new level! I had been capable to work on mastering the game and not really the settings. This is usually really necessary for anybody that wants to significantly sport with the fresh AppleTV. It provides the system encounter to Apple company! Even more (Read through full evaluation). Written by andrew Michael from Belmont. Nov 5, 2015 181 of 221 individuals found this helpful.

Fantastic/Stunning Pro Video gaming Controller! Received the controller in the email nowadays and had been pleasantly amazed. The develop high quality and design considerably exceeded my objectives. Incredibly simple to connect an Received the control in the mail today and has been pleasantly amazed.

The build high quality and style considerably exceeded my anticipations. Incredibly easy to connect and make use of. Responsive and very comfortable to hold. Probably the best control I've used. Feels therefore great. $49 really isn'capital t that costly for an incredibly designed, expensive feeling, easy to make use of product.

For you guys whining about that absence of a charging cable, remember one arrived with your apple company Television, iPhone, iPad, iPód etc. I'm pretty certain it't not really that large of a offer to make use of that getting cable for a several hrs per 30 days to charge your control. If you are worried because it't not 'designed by Apple company in California', simply buy the factor!

It is usually up to par with apple company's design for certain. More (Read through full review). Composed by Nicholas M from Lehi. November 5, 2015 142 of 172 people discovered this helpful.

Inconsistent across products Worked great with Apple company TV games, however, since Drive 2018, almost all the games I used to enjoy right now crash on Apple company TV so the sport controller will be collecting dust. Un Worked excellent with Apple company TV games, however, since Walk 2018, all the video games I used to perform now crash on Apple TV so the game controller is definitely collecting dust. Unlike the entire world of Mac pc's and PC's, the sport controller is definitely not really a common input gadget on an iPád like a kéyboard. It just works through it'h personal app which means it can't end up being used for many games. So the Steel Series worked great, but the I0S on iPad doésn'capital t supply a common game controller user interface.

The entire cause an operating program (Operating-system) is present is definitely to provide interfaces to insight and result products. The pests in Apple Television and compatibility between present Apps and the actually altering IOS make inconsistent. This 12 months the NFL app crashes constantly on Apple company TV. Last 12 months it worked perfectly.

Even more (Look over full evaluation). Created by STEPHEN F from Sunlight Area. Sep 17, 2018 7 of 7 individuals discovered this useful. SteelSeries Nimbus Companion App Video gaming with the SteelSeries Nimbus control is also better with the friend app. You'll have got instant gain access to to constantly updated graphs listing the top free of charge and paid controller-enabled video games. You can also type the lists by your preferred game type or title.

Keyboard For Mac Mini

The best new video games are just a click aside! The app furthermore courses you through the basic Nimbus controller setup and continues your co ntroller up-to-date, producing sure it't always compatible with your iOS gadgets. More Games, More Compatibility Explore hundreds of controller-enabled video games Up-to-date graphs, sortable by reputation, genre, recently included and title Find a game, click on and download fróm the iTunés App Shop Maintain your Nimbus control up-to-daté with firmware upgrades Step-by-step walkthrough of the features of your Nimbus controller. iPhone 4 and 4s are usually not supported Even more (Look over full evaluation).