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I am planning to buy a Windows 10 Professional pc, and wish to arranged up a virtual travel on it therefore that I can set up a copy of Home windows XP. This will be therefore that I can operate old software which I understand will not work on Windows 10.Iy I buy a complete legal retail copy of Home windows XP (not an upgrade or back-up drive for an outdated PC), and I set up this making use of VirtualBox or some some other virtual travel system, will I be capable to obtain the Home windows XP set up triggered by Microsoft? Can be this servicestill provided by the firm?If yes !, will it bé possible to gét the activation doné by phoné (which I beIieve was once án option) ór in some othér way, rather thán doing it onIine?

I only inquire this issue in case it demonstrates difficult to link the virtual installation of XP tó theinternet.I feel a reasonably skilled (very) long-standing Personal computer consumer, but not a sleeves-roIled-up tecchie!Thanks for any assist. Copy of Windows XP will be no much longer being marketed.May be you should consider operate those programs on compatibility look at.Furthermore if you have got gain access to to Windows 10 Computer, survey compatibility concern through Responses Hub app.In some instances, activation might nevertheless work but your Home windows XP will end up being at risk because support is already ended.Say thanks to you for your helpful response.I understand that Home windows XP is definitely no longer being sold officially. Nevertheless, original empty 'brand name new' retail copies are nevertheless obtainable to buy, and I believe that in principle, buying such a duplicate would be the exact same as it would possess ended up to purchase one in a store a fewyears back.I have tried working my outdated software program on Windows 7 in compatibility mode, and this did not function. I was talking about really old applications such as Acccess 97 and Entry 2, along with my very own bespoke programs. I are resigned to the idea that I require an olderversion of Home windows ( the.

XP) to run them satisfactorily.All I require to know is usually whether the XP activation process would work if I do buy an unused retail edition of Home windows XP. You state activation 'might nevertheless work', but it would become comforting if you (or somebody) could become slightly even more particular, and state categoricallythat it would work (or wouldn'testosterone levels). And if it did function, as per my primary question, could I initialize by phone or e-mail, or would online activation end up being the just workable path?Again, numerous thanks! Microsoft nevertheless provides this up onIine, but a great deal of posters with Vista which is now furthermore unsupported state that the outsourced support contractors are usually referring them back to this Area when they contact them for phoné activation.That is usually ridiculous as we have nothing at all to do with saying yay or náy to activation (thát is definitely part of their job) as we put on't function for Microsoft.; we are users just like you right here.Cheers. Expenses Smithers - Microsoft MVP Come july 1st 2013 - June 2020. Microsoft nevertheless provides this up onIine, but a great deal of paper prints with Windows vista which can be now also unsupported state that the outsourced assistance contractors are usually referring them back again to this Area when they contact them for phoné activation.That is usually absurd as we have got nothing at all to perform with saying yay or náy to activation (thát is definitely component of their work) as we wear't function for Microsoft.; we are usually users simply like you right here.Regards.Hi BillMany thanks for this quite useful assistance.

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Windows XP Genuine Activator Loader DAZ + Crack Windows XP Activator. Windows XP Genuine Activator Loader DAZ + Crack is used on personal computers extensively. It was officially released in August 2001, but for public use.

Your hyperlink to Microsoft'beds activation advice page appears as if it says everything. I should have looked harder and discovered it myself. I just hope that if I need to make use of phone activation, the phone quantity which comes upin the activation wizard remains legitimate after seated in a shrink-wrapped package for numerous years! But seriously, you have given me the self-confidence that it'h still worth trading in a genuine copy of XP, therefore I'm quite thankful. (I perform also appear forward to relocating onto Windows 10.). Microsoft nevertheless offers this up onIine, but a lot of paper prints with Vista which is now also unsupported condition that the outsourced support contractors are referring them back to this Neighborhood when they contact them for phoné activation.That is absurd as we have got nothing at all to perform with stating yay or náy to activation (thát is component of their work) as we put on't work for Microsoft.; we are usually users simply like you right here.Regards.As of summer 2018, the page only display windows 7 8

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Hello there AndreMitchellThanks for this more helpful info - though it's not motivating! I'michael still hoping to get a copy of Home windows XP working, and wanting to know how to perform it. This might sound a unsuspecting question, but since Microsoft itself is definitely still directing people to its phonesupport companies via its personal web site, will anyone know how I could get in touch with Microsoft to ask how else to carry out the activation?I believe your greatest bet is definitely to call them up.Thanks for taking the problems to respond once again. I hope you put on't brain me right after up, but I experienced the impact that it's extremely difficult to talk to Microsoft - therefore the confusion about this concern.

Are you saying I really can contact them up, or can be your replya tongué-in-cheek way of informing me it's a lost cause? If you're significant, what can be the route to making a contact to Microsoft that would in fact reach someone who could conceivably offer with this question?

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Thanks once again, and i am sorry if I'm screwing up to pick up thespirit of your reaction!


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